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Sample Academic Accommodations Dialogue of a Student with an Instructor
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I'm ________________. I have a verified disability. Here is my paperwork that verifies my disability and shows authorized academic accommodations. My disability causes ________________________, which means I need _________________ to have the same opportunity to learn in the lecture/lab, as the student without disabilities and to show what I know on tests.


I'd like to discuss: (include only those that apply to you.)

1. GETTING A NOTETAKER: I need help in finding a student who takes good notes in this class. I have samples of the carbonless copy paper Disability Support Services will provide. The notetaker uses this paper for his/her class notes. I get one copy, and the students keep the other. Would you please help me find someone who takes good notes?

2. TAPE RECORDING A LECTURE: I am authorized by the DSS office to record lectures. Only I, in my studies for your class, will use the recording. I'd like to speak to you more about it if you have some concerns about me doing this. We can also include a DSS counselor for more information if you would like. The DSS has an Audio Recording Lecture Agreement I would be happy to sign.

3. EXTENDED TEST TIME: I need to discuss the accommodation of extended test time. My counselor has determined that _____ times the usual time allowed is necessary for the nature of my disability. Disability Support Services does offer someone to proctor tests in their office. I can arrange to take the tests through their office, or we can work out extra time at a time and place you suggest. How would you like to organize this?

4. QUIET ENVIRONMENT: Because I am easily distracted I need to take tests/quizzes in quiet environment. I can use Disability Support Services or we can choose another quiet spot.


TO THE STUDENT: Practice what you are going to say to your instructors. Be polite. You are asking them to agree to your accommodations. You should discuss and work out the accommodations. If an instructor does not agree to your accommodations, then politely thank him/her for his/her time and leave. You have the right to have a decision reviewed if reasonable accommodations are not allowed. For additional information contact your Disability Support Services Office or 504/ADA Coordinator, Paul Miller in the DSS office.

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