Peer Mentee

Join the DSS Peer Mentor Program!

**Applications from freshman are strongly encouraged.**

  • Gain one-on-one mentorship from an upperclassman peer who knows the campus and the resources it provides.
  • Be more likely to succeed and graduate with the guidance your mentor will provide!


The Peer Mentor Program is an initiative hosted by the department to provide a community-based experience for students who are spending their first semester at CSUF. Although first-year students are strongly encouraged to apply, students at all class levels (sophomore, junior, senior, etc.) are also invited to apply. As an applicant to the program, students can enter as Mentees and receive support from a Peer Mentor, a more experienced student. Additional benefits include exposure to social events, campus updates, and meeting materials focused on professional, academic, and personal development. 

We are now accepting students to become peer mentees. Students who are interested in becoming a mentee can apply on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Peer mentees will be paired with peer mentors on a continual basis after submitting an application.

To apply to parcipate as a mentee please complete our online Peer Mentee Application

Please direct any questions or concerns to