Peer Mentee Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Requirements for joining DSS Peer Mentor Program?

  • Any student new to Cal State Fullerton that is registered with Disability Support Services can be a part of the program.

How can I join the DSS Peer Mentor Program as a mentee?

Does it cost anything to join DSS Peer Mentor Program?

  • No. The entire program is free!

What are the benefits of joining DSS Peer Mentor Program?

  • Students who receive mentorship their first year are more likely to succeed and graduate!
  • Meet other first year DSS students who share your academic, personal, and social goals at Cal State Fullerton.
  • Gain mentorship from a peer who knows the campus and resources.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about DSS Peer Mentor?

  • Contact the DSS office at (657) 278-3112 or email for an application or any questions that you may have!