Student Success

The department takes seriously its responsibility to advise current students relating to appropriate course work, internship and job opportunities, faculty research opportunities and also to inform them of the resources that are available at the college and university level which will enable them to successfully complete their Bachelors Degree.


Students need to meet with an advisor twice a year, typically in the vicinity of course registration. The appointments can be made either by calling the department office at (657) 278 3012 or by signing up on the calendar that is present in the department office (E-100).

If a student has joined as a transfer student, then the transfer credits are handled by two offices. The university advising office (located in LH 114 ) handles the transfer credit for all the general education courses. The titan audit page on the student portal will reflect these credits as they process your transcript. The department office will give you the transfer credit for courses related to Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering.

If a student is currently enrolled in a different major witin CSUF and would like to change to a Civil Engineering major, then the student may drop by Room E-100, and obtain the form that he/she must sign.

For any semester, the calendar detailing the course registration dates, last day to add/drop classes, and the deadline for withdrawing from a course with a 'W' grade is available on the CSUF admissions Opens in new window  site.

The university academic calendar for current academic year is available on Academic Calendar Opens in new window .


Students may experience some form of academic difficulty during their college career. For some students, this difficulty may be through a class or two and for others, it may span for a longer duration. The CEE department encourages one to speak with faculty, fellow students and support program coordinators who will help him/her to overcome these difficulties.

The department provides tutoring to students to ensure that they complete the courses successfully and with confidence. The number of courses for which tutoring is available in any semester depends on the course demand and on the funds available.

Generally, for the Fall semester, tutoring is available for Math 125, Math 150A, Math 150B, Math 250A, EGCE 206, EGCE 214, EGCE 308, EGCE 201 and EGCE 301.

To obtain the information regarding the tutor for CE 206 and CE 214, please contact the CEE department office.

Should a student require tutoring for courses in the engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry disciplines, feel free to inform the department or the Retention Coordinator (657 278 2266), so that the college is aware of the need.

Related Resources

At the college level, these additional resources are available for all engineering students: