Undergraduate Plan of Study

Students admitted prior to Fall 2019, please refer to the old study plan page

Our BS degree curriculumPDF File Opens in new window includes 80 units in the major, 24 General Education units, 13 units of technical electives, 3 units of basic science elective and all university requirements.  When selecting courses, students need to consult with a faculty adviser. Students are required to meet with their academic adviser every semester during the first year and at least once a year thereafter.

All required courses toward the degree must be taken for a letter grade. All required mathematics & science courses and EGCE 201 and 301 must be passed with a “C-” (1.7) or better. Graduate courses are not open to undergraduate students without department approval. A GPA of 2.0 or better is required for the major. Course prerequisites are strictly enforced. Coursework taken at another college or university in which “C-” (1.7) or lower grade was earned will not be substituted for the major courses.

Students are required to obtain department preapproval before registering for courses at another college or university. No more than a total of 12 units can be transferred to replace 300 or 400-level major courses.

Students wishing to earn an Architectural Engineering Emphasis must fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. When choosing their electives, they must consult with an adviser. At the minimum student with Architectural Engineering, emphasis must take EGCE 463, EGCE 493, and EGCE 496.

The program course flowchart PDF File Opens in new window  for BS in Civil Engineering lists the required courses as a function of the semester.

Students are encouraged to make their study plan in consultation with the advisor using the study plan templateOpens in new window

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The following is a suggested 8-semester layout of courses for the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

Note: For General Education courses please find more information in Undergraduate Studies and General Education. Opens in new window
GE courses listed below include: GE A.1, GE D.2, GE D.3, GE C.1, GE C.2, GE C.3


Six units from the courses marked with star (*) must be passed with a “C” (2.0) or better to meet upper division writing requirement.  

Semester Courses

Semester 1 

(14 units)

Oral Communications elective (3) (GE A.1)
American Government (3)  (GE D.3)

Semester 2 

(17 units)

American History, Institutions and Values (3) (GE D.2)

Semester 3 

(17 units)

Semester 4 

(17 units)

Semester 5 

(16 units)

Semester 6 

(14 units)

Semester 7 

(12 units)

Explorations in the Arts and Humanities (3) [Any upper division course in GE C.3]
EGCE 428L - Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory (1)Opens in new window  *
EGCE 494A - Senior Design (2)
EGCE Technical Electives (6) 

Semester 8 

(13 units)

EGCE 464 - Pavement Analysis and Design (3)
EGCE 466 - Transportation Engineering (3)Opens in new window
EGCE 470 - Project Management and Construction Engineering Practices (3) Opens in new window
EGCE 472 - Construction Project Scheduling, Estimating and Bidding (3)
EGCE 474 - Artificial Intelligence in Construction Engineering(3)
EGCE 481A - Solid Waste Management and Air Pollution Control (3)
EGCE 482A - Water Quality Engineering (3)
EGCE 483 - Environmental System Modeling and Simulation (3)
EGCE 490 - Senior Seminar in Engineering (1)Opens in new window
EGCE 493 -Design of Highrise Structural Systems (3)Opens in new window
EGCE 496 - Architectural Design (3)Opens in new window
EGCE 497 - Senior Projects (1-3)Opens in new window
EGCE 499 - Independent Study (1-3)Opens in new window