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 California State University, Fullerton

Spring 2009 Senior Design Project Presentations

The Smart Dog House

Pets are a significant part of our family and have a tremendous impact on our lives.  All loving pet parents go the extra mile to ensure the safety and well being of his/her pet.  The “smart” doghouse is a dream come true for any pet parent!  It embodies a simple principle: ultimate care and comfort for the pet.  This first-of-a-kind doghouse includes several features like automatic food and water dispensing, noise detection, temperature monitoring and diagnostic alerts as well as live feed using a web cam to ensure the health, vitality and safety of the pet while they are away from their caring pet parents.  The design project gave the students an opportunity to apply the techniques and tools learned in the classroom to a hands-on multidisciplinary project.Article and flyer also available.

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The Automated Home

The SmartHomeMini, allows customers the peace of mind and total control of home automation regardless of where they are.  The proposed design gives home owners complete access to their homes while on dream vacations in Europe, a weekend getaway or just wanting to check in on the kids or pets at home while at work.  The design features the ability to control motion sensors for activating alarms or just turning on lights, photoelectric sensors for monitoring light usage when lights are not needed, temperature sensors individual to each room allowing power to be saved and a constant temperature to be set independent of the room you are in.  This coupled with instant live webcam access gives the home owner the feeling that they are in total control.  This unique design also allows to expand on the Rabbit Microcontroller Board's 32 input and outputs into the ability to fully automate 136 different lights, sensors, and electrical devices throughout the house without increasing cost.  The SmartHomeMini truly is the future in home automation.

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