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 California State University, Fullerton



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Senior Design Projects 2011-2012

The Computer Engineering program requires two semesters of multidisciplinary senior design project. Below are some of the past projects. Click here for a PDF featuring more information.


Air Quality and Surveillance (AQS) Copter

A multi-sensor air quality and surveillance copter with real-time video feedback was implemented.



Machine Learning Techniques for Digital Signal Processing Applications

This project was an implementation of a signal-processing receiver system, where supervised machine learning algorithms were utilized for improved weak signal detection in presence of noise.

Machine Learning Techniques


Implementation of a Fully Automated Solar-Powered Photobioreactor for Algae Biodiesel Production

This project involved the design and implementation of an automated system which cultivates algae and then utilizes it to create a viable fuel for use in a diesel engine.

Automated Solar-Powered Photobioreactor


Solar Powered Dual Temperature Controlled Enclosure with Automated Solar Tracker

This project involved the design and implementation of a solar powered enclosure which utilizes the Peltier effect to provide refrigeration and heating methods.

Dual-Temperature Controlled Enclosure


High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Accelerated and Secure Health Information Exchanges and Electronic Medical Record Collection

This project involved the acceleration of data retrieval and operations using GPGPU techniques on a CUDA framework.