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 California State University, Fullerton



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Senior Design Projects 2012-2013

The Computer Engineering program requires two semesters of multidisciplinary senior design project. Below are some of the past projects. Click here for a PDF featuring more information.

Robotic Arm Control using Brain-Computer Interface

This project involved the implementation of a brain controlled system that manipulates a 5-axis robotic arm through a wireless EEG headset.



Operational Reconnaissance and Canvassing Aircraft

This project involved the design and implementation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which was capable of autonomous control via a ground station with the ability to locate and recognize targets using real-time image processing (collaborative project with Mechanical Engineering).



Multi-Functional Automated Turret

A stand-alone turret using OpenCV libraries for image processing with real-time tracking utilizing the Arduino microcontroller for motor control was implemented. 



BPSK Receiver for Wideband Communications

A digital BPSK receiver for wideband communications was presented. The wideband receiver, implemented on a High Performance Computing (HCP) platform, was designed to extract data from BPSK signals with unknown carrier frequencies and phases.