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 California State University, Fullerton



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Senior Design Projects 2013-2014

The Computer Engineering program requires two semesters of multidisciplinary senior design project. Below are some of the past projects. Click here for a PDF featuring more information.

Spot Check

The system pin points the vacant spot in a parking structure using a mobile app. The system utilizes distance sensors that move on a suspended wire to scan for available spots.

Spot Check


Intelligent Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation System

The system automatically detects and ventilates out hazardous indoor chemicals by constantly monitoring and controlling indoor and outdoor levels of predetermined chemicals to ensure safe indoor air quality.

Aircraft   Aircraft



Robotic Reconnaissance System

The reconnaissance system can be deployed into buildings during emergencies to study the interior layout of the building. The system has the capability of obtaining and transmitting high-definition images of the interior walls.

Turrett  Turrett


Automated Bartender

The system allows users to choose a drink from a list of pre-programmed selections. The system also has a wireless interface that lets customers order drinks remotely from a smartphone.



Pulsed Radar Receiver

A receiver is developed that uses machine learning techniques and algorithms to extract key features from the received signals. These features are compared to a training set of data in order to achieve accurate signal modulation classification with an accuracy of up to 99%.