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Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Engineering

Culminating Experience Requirements

Per UPS 410.106, the culminating experience will be met through a comprehensive examination. However, students are given an option to use either:

  • Project (EGCP 597 - 3 units)


  • Thesis (EGCP 598 - 6 units)

as their culminating experience. If a student chooses one of these options, the total credit hour requirement for the electives will be appropriately adjusted.

Students opting for graduate project option will be required to take two 500-level elective courses, while students opting for the thesis option will be required to take only one 500-level elective course. To enroll in EGCP 597 or EGCP 598, student must have Classified Graduate Standing. Student should file an approved proposal in the Computer Engineering program office no later than the last day of instruction of the preceding semester. For both project and thesis options, students are required to complete oral defense, demo and a final report.

Project (EGCP 597 – 3 units): The experience includes a creative design effort with realistic socio economic constrains and development of skills such as, feasibility study, project planning, design formulation, time budgeting, oral, written and visual communication to document and disseminate the design adequately to others. The project requires students to think independently, research and brainstorm different project concepts before settling on a project that meets several criteria set forth by the Computer Engineering program. Students are provided with systematic faculty guidance during the project to ensure a well-rounded experience.

Thesis (EGCP 598 – 6 units): Student shall choose, in consultation with their faculty advisor, a thesis committee consisting of three faculty members. The thesis topic and proposal must be approved by the Faculty Advisor and the thesis committee prior to the student’s undertaking the research problem. The thesis should cover original research and be prepared according to the university guidelines. The thesis committee will judge the research competence of the student during the thesis defense. Thesis defense is announced in advance and open to the university community. Students are responsible for adhering to all due dates regarding the thesis defense, and submission of copies of the thesis.