College International Advisor, Karen Lau

Internation Advisor Karen Lau


contact information

College of Engineering & Computer Science  
Location: CS-206A
Phone: 657.278.2609

ECS International Student Support


The College International Advisor provides the following services for ECS International Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  • Offer support and advising for Cultural Office requests
  • Organize College Events for International Students
  • Provide Graduate Probation advising and workshops
  • Inform students through updates and the ECS International Student Newsletter
  • Connect students with College and Department support services
  • Assist in the navigation of University Policies and Procedures
  • Connect students with the Office of International Student Services (ISS)
  • Guide students to appropriate Campus Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My Cultural Office is requesting a Study Plan, Extension Letter, and/or specialized letter from the College. Who can complete these documents for me?

A: Please email the ECS International Advisor your request and include your: a) CWID b) Cultural Office Advisor name and c) the Cultural Office Advisor contact information. Requests are handled in the order they are received and require three business days to complete.


Q: How do I obtain a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) document?

A: Please download the Verification Request FormPDF File , make the fee payment, and submit the completed form to the Office of Registration and Records at


Q: Who can answer questions about my Visa status and/or Form I-20?

A: All visa related inquires may be addressed to the ISS Office. You may also make a virtual appointment to meet with an ISS Advisor.


Q: I have a “Hold” on my registration. Who can remove this?

A: Please visit Titan Online to identify the office placing your Hold as well as the reason for the Hold. (If the Hold is from the ISS office, you may make an appointment to meet with an ISS Advisor to discuss the status of the Hold.)


Q: Who do I contact to request a Tutoring Support letter required by my Cultural Office?

A: Students must contact the professor of the course for which tutoring is requested to request a letter verifying the necessity of a private off-campus tutor. This letter should be sent to the ECS International Advisor and must include: a) the course number and academic semester b) the reason why the student must seek a private off-campus tutor c) the name or signature of the professor. *A letter will not be issued to the Cultural Office if tutoring for the designated course is available through a College or campus tutoring center.


Q: Where can I find information about internship and job opportunities for international students?

A: You may attend an ECS Career Workshop for International Students, visit the campus Career Center, or contact the ECS Career Specialist.


Q: How can I learn more about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorizations?

A: You may read about CPT and OPT requirements on the ISS website as well as attend an ISS Workshop in person/virtually.


Q: Where may I find information about events and activities for ECS International Students?

A: ECS international students receive a monthly “ECS International Student Newsletter” highlighting special events, activities, scholarships, and relevant opportunities; students are placed on a College listserv to receive updates related to international students; ECS students receive general email and Portal announcements from the College and/or University.

ECS Academic Internships

What is an Academic Internship?

The University and U.S. government provides international students with the opportunity to gain practical learning experiences through an off-campus academic internship relevant to their major. An academic internship is work experience in which you receive academic credit. International students are required to enroll in the 3-unit academic course, Professional Practice (EGGN 495), to participate in the internship experience and to maintain their F1 and J1 visa status.


How to Apply for an Academic Internship

 Please visit the ECS Academic InternshipOpens in new window information page for application instructions.

The application must be submitted online to: ECS Academic Internship Application FormOpens in new window

International Students should submit their application two weeks prior to the deadline to allow time to process the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) FormOpens in new window . Students may contact the International Student ServicesOpens in new window office with questions regarding CPT.