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 California State University, Fullerton

kochMessage from the Chair

Why Major In Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineers work in the areas of design and analysis of digital and analog electronic circuits, design and analysis of computer architecture, microprocessors, communication networks, and control systems. They apply this design and analysis knowledge to the practice of electrical engineering in an effective and professional manner.

Electrical engineers are employed in practically every field of human endeavor-manufacturing, transportation, construction, business, education, government, health care and many other areas. It is difficult to imagine a field in which engineering knowledge cannot be profitably applied. As a result, the profession is becoming ever more diversified, offering an even broader range of career opportunities. In addition, an engineering education is widely recognized as an excellent background for entry into other occupations and professions. Persons selecting electrical engineering as a profession may enter one of several specialties, depending upon interest and aptitude. Within each specialty, an electrical engineer may choose research, development, design, production, application and sales or management.