Dr Huang

Jidong Huang, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering Department Chair & Professor

Room: E-100A

Phone: (657) 278-3013

Email: jhuang@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:  Robotics, Navigation Systems, Embedded Systems, STEM Education



Dr. Choudhary Maqsood Chaudhry, Ph.D.


Room: E-416

Phone: (657) 278-3901

Email: chaudhry@fullerton.edu



Dr. chen

David Cheng, Ph.D.


Room: E-407

Phone: (657) 278-3734

Email: dcheng@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise: Communication (online, wireless and optical), Electronics and Circuit theory, Photonics/optics and Electro Magnetism.  Renewable and Solar Energy.


Dr. Hamidian

    Karim Hamidian, Ph.D.


    Room: E-217

    Phone: (657) 278-2884

    Email: khamidian@fullerton.edu

    Area of Expertise:  Communication Systems


Dr. Hashemi

Hassan Hashemi, Ph.D.


Room: E-216

Phone: (657) 278-3402

Email: hhashemi@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:  Dynamic Systems, Systems Engineering



Dr. Tehrani

Fleur T. Tehrani, Ph.D., P.E.


Room: E-317

Phone: (657) 278-2658

Email: ftehrani@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:  Systems and Control Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Signal Processing Engineering


Dr. raman

Raman Unnikrishnan, Ph.D.


Room: CS-511

Phone: (657) 278-4813

Email: runnikrishnan@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:   Control Systems, Power Electronics, Signal Processing, Engineering Education


Faculty Early Retirement Program

Dr. Shahi

Shahin Shahi , Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Room: E-210

Phone: (657) 278-3664

Email: sshahi@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:  Biomedical Engineering,  System identification particularly nonlinear and nonstationary systems,  Control system


Dr. shiva

Mostafa Shiva, Ph.D.


Room: E-218

Phone: (657) 278-3023

Email: mshiva@fullerton.edu

Area of Expertise:  Digital Signal Processing, Communication Theory


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Professor Emeriti


Administrative Support Staff

Stephanie Wilson


Stephanie Wilson

Administrative Coordinator

Room: E-100A

Phone: (657) 278-3017

Email: stwilson@fullerton.edu


Vadim Chissek


Vadim Chissek

Technical Consultant

Room: E-401

Phone: (657) 278-4312

Email: vchissek@fullerton.edu



Robert "Bobby" Wright

Department Technician

Phone: (657) 278-3967

Email: rcwright@fullerton.edu