Black ECS Students: A Call to Action


Dear Dean Susamma (Susan) Barua and Administration,

In the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton, Black students’ needs have been consistently ignored, dismissed, and devalued. We are  not represented at any level of administration. Black students make up less than 2% of the campus population at California State University, Fullerton. The Engineering and Computer Science Department represented less than 1.3% of the student body in the Spring semester of 2020.

Black students will benefit from having Black faculty as it can be both inspiring and uplifting. Shared experiences and similar backgrounds among students and their professors can lead to unique relationships and future Mentorship. Engineers are expected to tackle diverse problems. It is vital that we receive teaching from diverse perspectives.

Black Engineer and Computer Science students at California State University, Fullerton do not want a written statement justifying plans to eventually increase Black faculty. We want the college to publicly acknowledge their lack of Black professors, and for the college to take immediate action.

Per the Dean’s statement that affirmative action complicates our demands, our compromise is as follows: We call for a public statement that the College of Engineering and Computer Science of California State University, Fullerton will stand with its Black students and commit to supporting them in whatever way necessary.

We know this can be done, as President Virjee has written several emails to the entire school on multiple occasions about his commitment to support Black students.

Without public knowledge there cannot be accountability

We expect a response and written public statement no later than seven business days from the date of this letter.

Thank you for your expediency, and due diligence in this matter.