California State University, Fullerton

College of Education

M.S. in Education with concentration in Educational Technology

I'm more connected to my instructors and classmates than I was in a traditional classroom. This program really engages me with its interactivity. It's how I'm learning that makes the difference.

Innovative and interactive.

An engaging, highly interactive learning environment connects you with classmates and faculty through online small-group discussions, Skype, Google chat and more. This means you're not tackling a rigorous, online master's program on your own. Web-based presentations also allow you to review concepts at your own pace. View required courses »

Relevant expertise.

You learn from faculty who are both experts in their subject matter and in teaching online. This translates into well-designed courses – a blend of theory and research – with real-world application. Research, projects and coursework address important educational issues. What you learn today, you can incorporate into your classroom tomorrow.

Collaboration is key.

Our program is highly collaborative by design. Learning and working with professional peers enhances your learning experience. You also establish valuable networks that last well beyond the program.

A learning community approach.

In our cohort-based program, you get to know your peers by taking classes together in a scheduled sequence. Our students value this approach since it facilitates problem-solving and sharing professional knowledge they can bring to their own classrooms.

Committed, engaged faculty.

You can expect personalized attention and support throughout the program. Interactive features enhance access to instructors when you need assistance. Our students say that's unmatched by anything a traditional classroom offers.


Great value. Great investment.

Our online master's programs remain very affordable – still below the national average for public universities and well below the high cost of similar programs offered by private institutions. You may apply for generous scholarships offered through our College of Education. Financial aid packages also are available. For current fee information and more, visit our financial aid and scholarship information page »

Meeting high digital-age standards.

All courses are aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education National Educational Technology Standards. The NETS set a standard of excellence and best practices in learning, teaching and leading with technology in education. Simply using technology just isn't enough. It's how you use technology to learn, analyze and explore.

A distinctive reputation. Well-earned.

All of our programs are fully accredited. In fact, we offer the only credential and graduate degree programs in Orange County accredited by the prestigious National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. In addition to our state-level accreditation, national accreditation ensures rigorous programs that are relevant to the dynamic needs of today's educators. Our reputation for excellence is well-earned and well-known, and gives our students a competitive edge in their careers.


Our faculty are experts in educational technology and passionate about teaching in an online environment. They do everything they can to make it a meaningful experience for students. Their support is incredible.

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