Letter to the Emeriti

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to all of you - new and continuing members of the CSUF Emeriti. The Emeriti have a number of activities throughout the academic year that usually start off with lunch with the President. We do not as yet have a firm date but, as soon as we have one, the President's office and Emeriti Webmaster Mark Shapiro will let everyone know by snail mail and email.

New officers are: Dorothy Heide, President, and Richard Deming Treasurer.  Those continuing to serve in the offices they held during 2013/14 are Rick Pullen as Vice President (Activities) and Ginny Pace as Secretary.  Nelson Woodard who served nobly as President for five years will continue on the Board as past president.  Others on the Board handling various tasks and committees include Linda Andersen, Lee Bellot, Vince Buck, Larry de Graaf, Jim Friel, June Pollak, and Herb Rutemiller. If there are any questions or issues you would like to bring to the attention of the Board, please contact any of the officers or other members of the Board. Additionally, if you have suggestions for Emeriti programs or activities, please contact Rick Pullen directly,

You will receive the 2014/15 Emeriti Directory shortly with contact information for all of us.  Webmaster Mark Shapiro recently updated the Emeriti website.  The site includes recent news and announcements of interest to members as well as the Book of Tributes.  Please visit the website to keep up with the latest Emeriti news. and send Mark any items that you would like to share with other members of the Emeriti.  Mark also maintains and Emeriti email list, which is used to keep members informed about upcoming activities and recent happenings.  If you want to be on the list, send your email address to mshapiro@fullerton.eduOpens in new window .

A short reminder: Emeriti annual dues remain a modest $10 per academic year.  Tax-deductible donations to our endowment funds, which provide Emeriti Scholarships and support for the Library are always welcome. Learn more at http://www.fullerton.edu/emeriti/endowments.

Finally, I'd like to encourage all Emeriti members to consider joining the statewide CSU Emeriti group CSU-ERFA.  Membership is open to all Fullerton Emeriti (faculty, administrators, and staff).  CSU-ERFA is dedicated to representing the interests of CSU Emeriti in Sacramento.  Dues are modest, and 15% of the dues of Fullerton members is returned to our local Emeriti Association to help support our programs. More information is available at http://csuerfa.org/membership.htmlOpens in new window .


Dorothy Heide, President