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 California State University, Fullerton



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The Emeriti Center

Weathervane The Emeriti Association moved in to the new Emeriti Center in late spring 1999. The center is located in Pollak Library S170. That's the southeast corner of Library South, first floor (some will remember the location as the one-time office for the Library administration and Ernest Toy, librarian). We have two rooms: the outer room holds a conference table, one desk, side chairs, and a computer linked to the campus network. A locked closet holds supplies, including a coffee maker and other miscellany. The inner room, which serves as the office for the president of the Emeriti, has two desks, including the first desk used by the university's first president, William Langsdorf.

Members on campus (when the Library is open) may gain access to the center by going to the Library administration office, second floor, and identifying themselves. The facilities of the Center will serve well for small group meetings--for study, discussion, board games, whatever. To schedule your meeting, call the Emeriti Center (657-278-2675) and leave a message on the answering machine.

Near the entrance to PLS-170 is a display that captures much of the history of the "early days" of the University -- the period from its founding in 1957 to 1970.  Take a moment to visit this bit of university history.

The Emeriti center provides a quiet work space for members of the Emeriti who do not have office space elsewhere on campus.  The Emeriti center was inaccessible temporarily owing to damage on the first floor of PLS following the 2014 La Habra earthquake.  It recently has become available again with some upgraded computer facilities.  For information on how to access the center please download this document.

The graphic on this page depicts the "Weathervane" sculpture, donated to the university by the artist, Dextra Frankel, emeritius professor of art. The sculpture is located on campus in the grove west of the Pollak Library and north of the Performing Arts Center.