The Emeriti Center

Weathervane The Emeriti Center recently moved from its original location in Pollak Library South to a new location in Pollak Library North - PLN-433, which is located on the fourth floor, northeast corner.  The Emeriti Center contains a large conference table, a desk with a computer connected to the internet, and an all-in-one color printer, copier, scanner, fax machine.

The Emeriti Center telephone number is 657-278-7737.

The Emeriti center provides a quiet work space for members of the Emeriti who do not have office space elsewhere on campus.  Members are encouraged to use this space for meetings, to prepare for classes if they are still teaching in FERP or as part-time lecturers, or for working on their research, scholarship, or volunteer projects.  The room normally is locked.  Contact the Emeriti Association president to obtain the necessary information on where to obtain the key to PLN-433.  Be sure to return the key when you leave the Center.
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The graphic on this page depicts the "Weathervane" sculpture, donated to the university by the artist, Dextra Frankel, emeritius professor of art. The sculpture is located on campus in the grove west of the Pollak Library and north of the Performing Arts Center.