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We have received the sad news that Lydia VélezOpens in new window , Professor Emerita of Spanish passed away on January 10, 2018. We also have received the sad news that Maryanna C. Lanier, Professor Emerita of Economics passed away on December 17, 2017.

Thanks to your generous donations to the Emeriti Scholarship Fund over the years, we were able to award four $2,000 Emeriti Scholarships this year (2017-18). In addition, thanks to the very generous bequest from the estate of Russel V. Benson, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, we were able to award seven $2,000 Benson Scholarships this year.

Emeriti Scholarships were awarded to:

-- Allison Leigh Frenzel, MA-Education Technology

-- Amin Azam, MS-Nursing

-- Edgar M. Tease, MA-Education Technology

-- Dianna J. Blake, MA English

Benson scholarships were awarded to:

-- Ruby J. Patchell, BA-Theater Arts

-- Madeline J. Thompson, BS-Chemistry/Math

-- Iulian Mocanu, BS-Mechanical Engineering

-- Stormy L. Gaylord, BA-Dance

-- Henry R. Taylor, BS-Physics/Math

-- Bryan D. Morales, BA-Accounting

-- Steven F. Schrenzel, Education-Teaching Credential

Donations to the Emeriti Scholarship fund are always welcome, and since our organization has 501(c)3 tax status they may tax deductible under current tax law (check with your tax advisor). If you wish to donate, simply mail a check made out to "CSUF Emeriti" to our treasurer, Richard Deming. His address is 1725 Sunset Lane, Fullerton, CA 92833. Note on your check that it is a donation to the Emeriti Scholarship Fund

Recent Passings: Mary Crimmins, Librarian Emeritus on November 2, 2017; Carolyn JohnsonOpens in new window , Professor of Communications Emeritus, on November 7, 2017; Jean A. BarrettOpens in new window , Professor of Physical Education Emeritus, on July 9, 2017; Seymour (Sy) ScheinbergOpens in new window , Professor of History Emeritus, on September 29, 2017; Robert N. Ewing, Professor of Art Emeritus, on December 1, 2016.

We recently received belated information about the passing of Edmund B. Buster, Advisory Board Member Emeritus; Ben C. Edmondson, Professor of Management Science, Emeritus; and Kwang-Wen Chu, Professor of Economics Emeritus. More will be posted when it becomes available.


Picture of John Greenwood's tshirt.

Our April 13, 2017 Emeriti Luncheon featured a talk by Paul Miller and Lisa Faley on the CSU Fullerton Special Games - the longest running special event in CSUF history. More pictures from this event are available on our flickr pageOpens in new window .


Picture of Geoffrey Lovelace

Professor Geoffrey Lovelace from the CSU Fullerton Physics Department was the featured speaker at our Feb. 27, 2017 Emeriti Luncheon. He spoke on "Colliding Black Holes and the Dawn of Gravitational Waves Astronomy." More pictures from this event are available on our flckr siteOpens in new window .


Approximately 50 Emeriti members and guests attended our final event of the Fall 2016 semester - our Emeriti Luncheon on Dec. 6th at Alta Vista Country Club where Communications Professor Andi Stein presented a spirited talk on the Disney brand entitled "Everything Disney."

Picture of Prof. Andi Stein.

More pictures from the luncheon are available on our flickrOpens in new window site.

A number of Emeriti attended the December 4, 2016 Faculty/Emeriti Theater Party performance of "The Drowsy Chaperone" and the reception that followed. Patrick O'Donnell, University Photographer Emeritus provided the following picture:

Picture from Drowsy Chaperon reception

Several Emeriti Association members attended the Clayes Performing Arts Center 10th Anniversary celebration on November 6, 2016, including University Photographer Emeritus Patrick O'Donnell who sent us the following picture:

Picture from Clayes 10 Anniversary Celebration.


Picture of table decoration from 10-13-16 luncheon.

Table decorations - October 13, 2016 Emeriti Luncheon
(Picture by Patrick O'Donnell, University Photographer Emeritus)

More pictures from the luncheon are available on our Emeriti flickrOpens in new window site.

Bayard H. Brattstrom, Professor of Zoology Emeritus, now 87, writes to tell us that he is still busy and active in his solar-based straw-bale house south of Wikieup, Arizona.

He recently published a 60 year report on the revegetation and repopulation of San Benedicto Island, Mexico.  He has been studying the island, which is south of the tip of Baja California since it blew up in l952 and killed 20,000 sea bairds in 15 minutes. The paper also summarizes the kinds of ecological impacts of other disastrous events like fires, earthquakes, land slides, hurricanes, etc.  He also published a paper on the food webs (who eats who) on the four islands of the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico.

His newest book, "How to Study Rhinos", is available on  It is a fun book on how scientists do science (by asking questions, then testing them), rhino qotes, rhinos in art, fossil rhinos, rhino ecology, behavior, and conservation (3 rhinos are killed each day for their horns; ISIS pays poachers to kill rhinos, ISIS sells the horns to China for 10 times the value of gold and then buys weapons).  The book also includes a list of  Rhino products and logos, rhino stories, games, and books!  His next book, "Lizard Tales, People and Events in the Life of a Naturalist" is finished as is a book of essays. 

The following is a list of our scholarship awardees for 2016. Several of them will join us for the luncheon on October 13th at the Titan Student Union hosted by President Garcia.

Emeriti Memorial Undergraduate Award 2016

Jonathan C. May, B.A. in Business Administration with a minor in Music. Jonathan is studying business administration for his music. He has been a professional musician and piano teacher for a decade, including performing ragtime at Disneyland, solos at Universal Studios, and even a private concert at the Kennedy Center.  His teaching led him to develop an online course,, which has thousands of subscribers. He also teaches piano to underprivileged children gratis to help others experience music's incredible power to heal and bring joy. His professors find him exceptional not only in his own class achievements but also his kindness and caring in helping other students grasp the concepts of the classes and to exceed their expectations. He is generous with his time for his church and community as well.

Emeriti Memorial Graduate Award 2016

Amie Newberry, Education Specialist Credential. Staying home to raise two daughters, during which time she led many Girl Scout and other educational activities, Amie realized her true passion was teaching children.  She guided her charges through many community-based service projects such as feeding homeless, "adopting grandparents" in nursing homes, protecting endangered animal species, and establishing a children's library in a local hospital She now works as an instructional assistant generating glowing praise while pursuing her credential. She plans later to earn an M.S in Education with a concentration in Special Education.

Russell V. and Betty L. Benson Undergraduate Scholarships awarded by the Emeriti Association 2016

Sarah C. Hernandez, B.A. in Mathematics Sarah has tutored math from remedial to calculus for about five years and is preparing to teach it at the secondary school level. She firmly believes that anyone can master the subject if taught appropriately. She juggles multiple part-time jobs along with volunteer activities while maintaining a stellar grade point average.

Faith La, B.S in Human Services, Gerontology track Faith arrived in the United States in 2004 and began postsecondary studies in 2007 while working at low-paying jobs and making extreme sacrifices to get an education and break the cycle of poverty.  She has always wanted to serve seniors and she volunteers and interns at a senior center in Anaheim.  Her experiences have been very satisfying to her and bring her closer to her goals.

Russell V. and Betty L. Benson Graduate Scholarships awarded by the Emeriti Association 2016

Dianna J. Blake, M.A. in English Dianna has written very lucidly about teaching and learning, comparing an educator to a gardener, as Sir Ken Robinson remarked. She has become increasingly confident of her skills and plans to realize her passion for teaching English and literature at the community college level. She became the inaugural president of CSUF's first nontraditional honor society and, for her senior project, developed a book College Success for Moms: A Guide to Succeeding in College while Raising a Family, which may also be relevant to other segments of the student population.  She has worked as Editor-in-Chief of Pearson North America's student blog and in various capacities in her department along with raising four children, one with special needs.

Morgann Havig, M.S. in Education (Special Education Concentration. Morgann is the second of nine children and was home schooled. She volunteered actively in her community in numerous capacities, such as interpreter in American Sign Language. She overcame her parents' objections to her postsecondary education goals and embarked on a path leading to many academic and character awards. She transferred to UCI and graduated magna cum laude and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. During her studies, among many other achievements, she worked with faculty and the administration to get American Sign Language accepted aslanguage option at both UCI and later at UC Riverside where she is completing an M.A. in English while also working on her credential program at CSUF and gaining classroom experience. "Morgann truly goes above and beyond all job responsibilities and expectationsas one master teacher indicated

The Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association recently established a travel program, which is open to alumni and friends of the university including retired faculty and staff members.  To learn more about this new travel program please visit the program's website.

The Emeriti Center has moved to the fourth floor of Pollak Library North - Room number PLN-433. It is available for use by all members of the Emeriti. Contact Betsy Gibbs for information about how to access the center.

In Memoriam

A complete list of deceased Emeriti is available in the Emeriti Directory, which is mailed to all members annually.

Here we list those members of the Emeriti who have passed away since the 2017/18 edition of the Directory was published, and also those for whom we received notification after the publication of the 2017/18 Emeriti Directory.

Lydia Vélez, Professor of Spanish, Emeritus
Maryanna C. Lanier, Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Edmund B. Buster
, Advisory Board Member, Emeritus
Mary Crimmins
, Librarian, Emeritus
Carolyn Johnson
, Professor of Communications, Emeritus
Ben C. Edmondson
, Professor of Management Science, Emeritus
Kwang-wen Chu
, Professor of Econmics, Emeritus
Robert N. Ewing
, Professor of Art, Emeritus
Seymour (Sy) Scheinberg
, Professor of History, Emeritus