Campus Parking

Everyone who holds emeritus faculty status at Cal State Fullerton is eligible for an Emeriti Parking Pass at no cost.  Your regular parking permit will no longer be valid as of your retirement date so you will need to make arrangements for an Emeriti pass. This may take some time so plan well in advance. To arrange for the pass to be mailed to you call the President's Office at 657-278-3456 and ask to speak with the person in charge of Emeriti matters.  The parking pass is valid for two years from the date of issuance.  Normally, it is renewed automatically.  However, if you do not receive your pass by a few weeks before its expiration date, call the President's Office.

Complimentary parking passes for emeritus staff members are issued on a case-by-case basis by the President's Office for emeritus staff who need to be on-campus frequently for certain volunteer activities.  Contact the President's Office to determine if you are eligible.  If you are not, you can purchase day parking passes at various locations on campus.  Be sure to park only in the locations allowed by your day pass.  Note that parking regulations are not enforced on weekends.

The Emeriti Parking pass is valid in all faculty, staff and student lots and in the campus parking structures.  It is not valid in the OLLI parking lot during the day, but it is valid in that lot after 6 PM.

Note that if you need to use one of the handicapped parking spaces on campus, you need to display both a valid DMV handicapped parking placard and your emeriti parking pass.