What Are the EOP Eligibility Requirements?

Only low-income and educationally disadvantaged undergraduate students who need admission assistance and support services to succeed in college are admitted to EOP. Applicants must:

  1. Demonstrate on the EOP application academic potential and motivation
  2. Demonstrate on the EOP application and CSU admission documents a need for EOP services
  3. Be a California state resident or an AB540 student
  4. Meet EOP income criteria


An EOP applicant must fall into one of the following income categories to be eligible for EOP. Applicants whose total family income exceeds the relevant threshold may still be considered, if you are within 20% you are encouraged to apply.

These guidelines are not intended to exclude disadvantaged students but to identify and give priority to those most financially needy.  

2019-2020 EOP Income Criteria 

Dependent Student Workbook

Family Size Maximum Income
2 $37,100
3 $41,800
4 $48,500
5 $55,000
6 $62,200
7 $67,700
8 $73,100

Independent Student Workbook

Status Family Size Maximum Income
Single, No Dependents 1 $16,100
Married, No Dependents Other Than Spouse 2 $28,200
With Dependents Other Than a Spouse 2 $48,000
  3 $55,200
  4 $65,200
  5 $74,700
  6 $85,300
  7 $93,400
  8 $101,500

First Time Freshman

First-time freshman applicants must meet the following academic requirements to be eligible for admission to CSU, Fullerton through EOP.

  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Have completed the college preparatory subject requirements with a grade of “C” or better.  Each applicant is evaluated individually and an overall pattern of achievement must be evident.  A college prep program of study should include at least 3 years of high school English and 2 years of high school mathematics, with a “C” grade or better.  All 8th semester college-prep courses must be passed with a “C” grade or better.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants must meet the following academic requirements to be eligible for admission to CSU, Fullerton through EOP.

  • Must be an upper division transfer applicant (60 transferable units or more).
  • Have completed GE English Composition, Mathematics, Oral Communication and Critical Thinking requirements. 
  • Have earned a college grade point average of at least a 2.0 in transferable units attempted and be in good standing with the last institution attended. Students who live outside of the determined Local Area may have a higher GPA requirement. Please check the Admissions website at http://www.fullerton.edu/admissions   for out-of-local area requirements.