Events & Facilities Use Standard Fees

The below fees are listed to provide a general estimate of traditional costs. Upon submitting an Event Use Request Form and/or Filming Request Form, The Office of Events and Facilities Use will provide a quote of anticipated event terms and services fees. 

All fees are determined by the Office of Events & Facilities Use. Additional contingency fees may apply. 

Campus Partners Fees 

Fee Description Rate*
Facilities Use Agreement Coordination Fee Required at the time of booking facilities. This fee will be credited to the Facilities Use Agreement Coordination Fee. $300
Parking & Transportation Services Fees determined by P&TS based on project needs such as signage, lot reservation, parking attendant, etc.  See Rates 
Campus Police Department Fees determined by University Police Department based on project needs such as filming supervision and security. $125 - $250 Range
Facilities Management Fees determined by Facilities Management based on project services such as custodial support, grounds prep & recover, etc.  Determined by Event Needs

*Rates subject to change

Contingency Fees

Fee Description Rates*
Cancellation Fee

Charge for if the cancellation occurs after the Facilities Use Agreement has been signed or within 24 hours of the event/ filming project. $500
Expedited Fee 

Requests made less than 60 days prior to the arrival date on campus may result in expedited fee.  25% of the Facilities Use Agreement Total
Non Compliance Fee  Charge for prepping and/or striking on the day(s) not included in the Facilities Use Agreement. $250 - $500

*Rates subject to change

Filming Fees 

Fee Per Hour Rate* (up to 10 hours) Per Hour Rate* (10-12 hours) Per Hour Rate* (12+ hours)
Facilities Use Coordination Fee Single Day Event: $300 
Multiple Day Event: $500 - $1,000
+ Facility Use Fee Based on Number of Participants
Less than 10 cast/crew $350 $3,500 $300
10 - 49 cast/crew $400 $4,000 $350
50 - 89 cast/crew $450 $4,500 $400
90 + cast/crew $500  $5,000 $450
Feature Film  $750 $7,500 $700

*Rates subject to change

Information Technology (IT) Fees

The CSUF campus offers complimentary wifi for guests, login will be provided with your Filming Agreement. Dedicated guest wifi is available for purchase should your group require it. 

Fee Rate
IT Help Desk Support Personnel (4 hour blocks) $57.50/hour
Dedicated Guest Wifi - Daily Rate Per Account $11.50/day 
Dedicated Guest Wifi - Weekly Discounted Rate Per Account $57.50/week
Dedicated Guest Wifi - Monthly Discounted Rate Per Account $230/month

*Rates subject to change

Atheltics Fees

Athletics Venues range depending on facility. Most Athletics locations can be rented our by hour or by day. Rental rates may be viewed at the Venues Page. Please note: All CSUF Athletic events are priority when scheduling.

Athetics Facility Rental

  • Range for rental/hour: $10/hour - $1,000/hour
  • Range for rental/day:   $200/day - $10,000/day