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CSUF Insurance Requirements

Cal State Fullerton requires the following Insurance Requirements PDF File  prior to all event approvals: 

  • GL Coverage (General Liability) and separate insurance Endorsement for General Liability  (View sample Endorsement herePDF File )
  • AL Coverage (Auto Liability) and separate insurance Endorsement for Auto Liability 
  • WCI Coverage (Workman’s Comp Insurance) *Required by CA state law
  • SM Coverage (Sexual Assault and Molestation)  and separate insurance  Endorsement *Required for certain events involving minors


Fire Marshal General Information 

The Office of Events and Facilities Use  must abide by Fire Marshal regulationsPDF File for all events. The Office of the California State Fire Marshal  may on occassion conduct an inspection the day of the event. Their Office will review that safety requirements are in compliance. Guidelines are listed below that may include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency access for fire equipment (20’ minimum)
  • Location of all grandstands, stages, tents, temporary fencing, cooking areas, generators, vendors, 
  • Location of all exits, path of travel to exits, and specify all exit and exit aisle widths
  • Location of tables and chairs and/or chair rows
  • Location of fire extinguishers and electrical panels
  • Seating with more than 200 chairs shall be bonded in groups of 3 or more chairs.
  • Tents 20’ from all buildings
  • No open flames without OSFM approval
  • Provide measurements on layouts for exit widths, access roads, gates, stages


Events & Facilities Use frequently used forms
Form Description
Event Request Form To be used to request an Event and/or to film at CSUF