FAR Team

L to R: Mary, Kelly, Nicole, and Ed

FAR Office Functions and Contacts

  • Retention, Tenure, and Promotion
  • Temporary Faculty Evaluations (full-time lecturers)
  • Range Elevation Evaluations
  • Student Opinion Questionnaires (SOQs)
  • Post-Tenure Reviews
  • Sabbatical and DIP Leaves
Name and Title Email Contact Phone  

Ed Collom, Ph.D.

Director of Faculty Affairs and Records

edcollom@fullerton.edu Opens in new window 657-278-2778  

Mary Pons

Administrative Analyst




Kelly Marconi

Administrative Support Coordinator



Nicole Calucag

Adminstrative Analyst





Faculty Affairs and Records Office

Library PLS-290

Main Office Phone: 657-278-2125

Fax: (657) 278-7597


Faculty related topics assigned to the Division of HRDI, Office of Employment Services, located at CP-700

website: http://hr.fullerton.edu/employmentsrvcs/  

phone: (657) 278 - 2425

  • Faculty and Staff immigration
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Outside employment
  • Personal and Professional Leave of Absence, Sick leave, Parental/Family leave
  • Request for Extension of probationary period
  • Faculty appointments (including Visiting Faculty), offers, and process
  • Lecturer assignments (order of assignment) and entitlements
  • Contractually negotiated salary increases (General Salary Increases, etc.)
  • Additional appointments (125%)
  • Faculty Emeritus
  • Chair appointments
  • FERP/PRTB/Retirement
  • Faculty fee waiver