Range Elevation Information  

Only available to Full-Time and Part-Time Lecturer Faculty who are eligible to apply for the range elevation process.


A range elevation is a  separate, voluntary  evaluation from the normal, scheduled performance evaluation for Lecturers.  It requires the submission of a second WPAF through Interfolio if the Lecturer Faculty member is already scheduled for a performance evaluation.  A Lecturer Faculty member can indicate that he or she would like to participate in a Range Elevation Evaluation by submitting a completed copy of the declaration form (available in the Templates/Forms section below) to the FAR office in PLS-290.  


The period under review is the entire time within the current range, but, like with the 6-Year Comprehensive evaluation, with emphasis on the past 5 1/2 years. 

For  Counselors (CAPS) and Library Faculty  there are some documents that are  specific  to thier portfolios and they are noted below.

Eligible faculty will be notified by FAR.  Please refer to UPS 210.070  for more information.

Descriptions and materials to aid in the Range Elevation Evaluation preparation process, are provided on this page. 

Questions about Eligbility?

Contact: Robin Graboyes 

Phone: (657) 278-3824

Email: rgraboyes@fullerton.edu 

2018-2019 Range Elevation Eligbility List PDF File Opens in new window


Range elevation evaluation

Spring Cycle WPAF submission deadline: February 17,2020

  • Both Full-time and Part-Time Faculty Can choose to undergo a Range Elevation Evaluation, if they are determined to be eligible by HRDI

    • Eligible Faculty must have served at least 5 consecutive years in thier current rank 
  • This type of evaluation is a request to elevated to the next Lecturer salary rank, that is ultimately evaluated by the Provost 

  • To indicate that a Lecturer Faculty member would like to participate in a Range Elevation Evaluation, he or she will need to complete and submit a hard copy of the declaration form available below by (TBA) .
  • The data and documentation for this type of review, like in the 6-Year Comprehensive Evaluation, will empahsize the most recent  5 1/2 years worth of activities. 

FAR's involvement:

  • FAR will create an a case within Interfolio for this Type of Review and notify the Lecturer Faculty member via an email to his or her fullerton.edu inbox
  • FAR will also provide a grey candidate binder to the Lecturer Faculty Member's review committees, pre-populated with evaluation signature and candidate rebuttal pages.   

Documents for Counselor (CAPS) Faculty ONLY

Questions about Full-time or Part-time Faculty Contracts?

Contact: Andreus Mangahas

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Questions about Faculty Leaves?

Contact: Griselda Marquez

Phone: (657) 278-5187

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