What is Temporary Range Elevation?

Range Elevation

Range elevation is not an equity increase or requesting a "raise."  It is a specific process defined in Article 12 of the CSU faculty collective bargaining agreement.  Eligibility to apply for a range elevation is limited to temporary faculty who:

  1. Are no longer eligible for SSIs in their current range and,
  2. Have been in their current range for five (5) or more years

Range Elevation is a process by which an eligible lecturer may request movement between the lecturer salary ranges, e.g., from a Lecturer A classification to a Lecturer B classification. Lecturers are eligible to apply for the range elevation process when: 

  1. They are no longer eligible for Service Salary Increases (SSI) in their current range and
  2. They have been in the current range in the same department for five (5) or more years 


CSUF's range elevation evaluation policy is described in UPS 210.070 PDF File .

The portfolio prepared for the application for a range elevation evaluation is similar to the portfolio prepared for a periodic evaluation.  The most notable differences are that the portfolio should cover performance from the previous 5 years and include "development" (see UPS 210.070, Section VII.C)


What is the difference between an Academic Year (AY or 10-month) and a 12-month (12-mo) position?  How do I know which one I am?

If you are asking the question, then you are probably Academic Year!  Most CSUF faculty are in an Academic Year position, which means they work during the school year, and they are off during the summer.  However, both Academic Year and 12-mo faculty are paid in 12 monthly paychecks.  That way  Academic Year faculty can continue to receive salary and benefits during the summer.

An example of a  12-mo faculty position would be a librarian faculty that works throughout the year and does not get a summer break.  Or a faculty member who directs a center on campus which is open year round.

If you only teach one semester per year, you will normally receive your pay in 6 monthly paychecks.

How do I use the CSU Salary Schedule?

Example: If you are an Academic Year lecturer, Range 2, then enter “2358” for the classification code. This will bring up a table showing the minimum and maximum for the different lecturer ranges.  Then click on Range 2 for more information.  Doing that will also reveal the Service Maximum for that particular range.