Tenured Faculty - Promotion to Professor (or equivalent)

Fall 2020 Portfolio Submission deadline:  10/1/2020

This review is considered to be a full-review, and like full-reviews in the tenure-track process, this review is cumuluative .

Candidates for 2020-2021 actions are to submit their materials through Interfolio , the evaluation system implemented in 2017-2018.

Promotion of a tenured faculty member shall normally be considered during the fifth year in rank, with promotion effective at the beginning of the sixth year.   Applying prior to completing four years of service as an Associate Professor, Associate Librarian, or SSP-AR II Counselor is considered applying for early promotion. 

The Interfolio Template used for Promotion to Full Professor evaluation,   mirrors the requirements of tenure-track full performance review, and is listed below in the Templates Section.   This page also provides several different types of resources to aid in the compilation of the RTP Portfolio.  For  Librarians and Counselors  there are a few documents that are  specific  to their portfolios, and they are noted below. 

For more information on RTP, please see the   slides from our latest candidate workshopsPDF File Opens in new window



The Promotion Declaration Form must be submitted by the faculty member by  9/4/2020  for the 2020-2021 AY to indicate whether they:

  1. Want to be considered for normative-time promotion, or
  2. Want to be considered for early promotion.  
  3. Do not want to be considered for promotion Early Promotion Declaration form

 Promotion Declaration FormPDF File Opens in new window

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In the scenario below, the tenured faculty member applying for promotion would provide a portfolio covering the period of time from their tenure and promotion submission (October, 2015) to the file due date in October, 2020.  Per UPS 210.002: "Accomplishments documented for the promotion to Associate Professor shall not count again for promotion to Professor."

Example of applying for normative-time promotion to Professor
In this example, the faculty member received Tenure and Promotion, effective August 2016.
2015-2016  faculty member undergoes review for tenure and promotion
2016-2017  first year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2017-2018  second year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2018-2019  third year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2019-2020  fourth year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2020-2021  normative-time consideration for promotion to Professor