Special Groups

There are special groups that have distinctly different opportunities for financial aid. These include the following.

AB 540 Students

AB 540 undocumented students now have new financial aid opportunities under the CA Dream Act (CDA). They are now eligible to apply for private scholarships, State University Grant, and Cal Grant.  Here are some resources for AB 540 students.

  • Titan Dreamers Resource CenterOpens in new window - On-campus center that is committed to helping AB 540 student's meet their educational goals. One of the many resources they provide is a scholarship listing with both on- and off-campus scholarships.
  • California Student Aid CommissionOpens in new window - Resources for financial aid information and application for CDA students. 
  • Financial Aid @ CSUF - We have created an application resource for CDA students.  

International Student Aid

International students are not eligible for financial aid. International students can learn more about the cost of attending CSUF by visiting the website for International Programs & Global EngagementOpens in new window .

Resident Assistants

Housing students who are selected as a resident assistants (RA), and are receiving state and federal funds as a financial aid recipient, will be assigned reduced cost of attendances which are reflective compensation and benefits of being a resident assistant for housing. 

Student Veterans

Student veterans should apply for financial aid as they may be eligible for both State and Federal funding. Student veterans may be eligible for additional educational benefits.

  • Veteran Resource CenterOpens in new window - This CSUF resource center provides specialized support services for veterans and dependents of veterans.
  • President's Veteran Scholars ProgramOpens in new window - A CSUF scholar program which provides a scholarship, as well as, experiences and opportunities in academics, leadership, service, and mentorship for high-achieving veteran students. 
  • U.S. Department of Veterans AffairsOpens in new window - Find out if you qualify for funding from the VA in addition to your standard financial aid award.


There are many opportunities for CSUF student to study away or study abroad and continue to receive financial aid. These opportunities vary in cost and the type of financial aid you may be eligible can vary as well. Learn more about financial aid for study abroad

Year Round Students

There are several CSUF programs that require year round enrollment, students in these programs will have adjusted financial aid eligibility. Learn more about financial aid for year round programs.