2020 Alumni of the Year - Christine Irwin

ABOUT Christine Irwin

Christine Irwin
Christine (Barretta) Irwin has long been an outstanding representative and alumni of C.S.U.F. Geological Sciences. In 1993, as an undergraduate, she was the 3rd recipient of the Margaret Skillman Woyski scholarship. The following year, the C.S.U.F. Geological Sciences faculty selected her as co-recipient of the Outstanding Major award. Through her undergraduate thesis work, she was a co-author for a research paper entitled Neoproterozoic-Lower Cambrian Sequence Stratigraphy, Eastern Mojave Desert, California: Implications for Base of the Sauk Sequence, Craton-Margin Hiinge Zone , and Evolution of the Cordilleran Continental Margin (Pacfic Section S.E.P.M, Book 82, pg. 1-19). Upon graduation, Christine was a project researcher and lab supervisor at Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc.

Since 1997, Christine has been a physical science teacher at Fullerton Union High School. She has taught physical oceanography, earth science and A.P. environmental science to thousands of students. From her position at F.U.H.S, she has influenced innumerable students to study geology and earth science as a college major, several at C.S.U.F. (e.g., Katya Beener, Jamie Hoffman and Dillon Henderson), but others at U.C. Santa Barbara, U.S.C, Colorado School of Mines and Oregon. Two students from C.S.U.F. Geological Sciences (Bree Baumgartner and Olivia Pipala) were student teachers under Christine's mentorship. Bree Baumgartner is now a high school science teacher at Bonita High School and Olivia Pipala is a high school science teacher at F.U.H.S.

After nearly 10 years at F.U.H.S, Christine returned to C.S.U.F. and earned a M.S. degree (Phil Armstrong, advisor). Her thesis was on the Burial and Exhumation History of the eastern Los Angeles Basin from Apatite Fission-track Thermochronology. She was also the recipient of several equipment grants as she implemented A.P. environmental science at F.U.H.S. In 2008, she was named Teacher of the Year by the Fullerton Parent-Teacher-Student Association.

In summary, Christine Irwin has used her geology degrees from C.S.U.F. to improve the lives of thousands of Fullerton high school students. She has been recognized by F.U.H.S. as an outstanding educator and has influenced young scientists throughout her teaching career. Christine's career choice and success is also a C.S.U.F. Geological Sciences success story because one of the main missions of the C.S.U. system is graduation of outstanding K-12 teachers. In addition, she and her husband Mike Irwin are strong and generous supporters of Geological Sciences. Rarely do they miss an event hosted by Geological Sciences.

We would normally present Christine with her award at Research Day, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope to present her award at Alumni Night in the Fall of 2020 instead.

Congratulations to Christine!



2020 Alumni Dinner

Friday, October 9, 2020 2:30PM P.D.T.
Location: Zoom

 Meeting ID: 853 2038 6897

CSUF Geology Undergraduates are welcome. Especially for employment opportunites session at 4pm P.D.T.

Student research presentations added in afternoon beginning at 2:30pm P.D.T.

  • 2:30pm Louis Oppenheim "Feldspar recycling across magma mush bodies during the voluminous Half Dome and Cathedral Peak stages of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex, Yosemite National Park, California"
  • 2:45pm Caitlin Bates "The Timing and Magma Source of the Sonora Dike Swarm, Sonora, California"
  • 3:00pm Charles Martinez "Implications of Grain Size on Hydraulic Conductivity"
  • 3:15pm Priscilla Martinez "Tephrochronology of the Modelo Formation in Ventura County, California"
  • 3:30pm Jeremy Torres  "Termination of shearing along the Borrego Springs Shear Zone, Imperial County, California"

Be sure to update/download Zoom meeting to at least version 5.3.1
Zoom Meeting ID: 853 2038 6897

  • 4pm Employment Opportunities - An opportunity for employers to meet our undergraduates, post jobs and discuss the working world with our students and recent alumni
  • 5pm Main Event - Get reacquainted with our Faculty, learn about the McCarthy Hall 2nd floor Renovation, this past summer’s Virtual Field Camp, giving opportunities, and hear from our Alumni of the Year, Christine Irwin
  • 6pm Socializing  - Breakout Rooms for reunions and new friends with classmates and faculty

 The Zoom link for the meeting is: https://fullerton.zoom.us/j/85320386897
This is the only zoom link for the day, so feel free to come and go as you please.

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Looking forward to seeing you all and catching up.


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