C.S.U.F. Students Take Virtual Field Trips on Their Mobile Phones


Dr. Natalie Bursztyn

April 24, 2017

Field trips can be an attractive learning tool for a lot of students. Unfortunately as class sizes grow, not to mention the rising cost of transportation, the idea of going on a field trip has put the experience out of reach for many schools. Luckily, Natalie Bursztyn, former C.S.U.F. assistant professor in geological sciences, set out to find an alternative.

As part of Bursztyn’s doctoral thesis at Utah State University, she developed an app, released in 2013, that attempts to replicate the field trip experience. The app, Grand Canyon Expedition, takes undergraduates on three virtual tours of a scaled-down Grand Canyon to teach them geoscience concepts using G.P.S. technology. Continue reading in the Orange County RegisterOpens in new window .