Diane Clemens-Knott, Ph.D.


Dr. Diane Clemens-Knott

Department of Geological Sciences

California State University, Fullerton
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831-6850
Ph: (657) 278-2369
FAX: (657) 278-7266

  • 1991-now      Faculty, C.S.U. Fullerton
  • 2004-2007      Department Chair
  • 1992      Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
  • 1988      M.S., California Institute of Technology
  • 1984/85      Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 1984       B.S., University of California, Los Angeles


Igneous petrology--particularly the evolution of basaltic magmas in the continental crust--and hydrothermal systems. My research is field-based, virtually always beginning with mapping and integrating petrography, geochemistry and isotope geochemistry. While at C.S.U.F, my research has expanded with student interests to investigating metamorphic nanominerals, volcano-sedimentary sequences, and groundwater geochemistry.


I teach courses that parallel (and often integrate) my research interests, including igneous-metamorphic petrology and petrography; the Mesozoic Era; inorganic and isotope geochemistry (high-T and environmental); field geology; and general courses including Geology of the National Parks and the team-taught “Earthquakes & Volcanoes: Shake & Bake”. Most classes focus on lab work, field trips, and student projects.