Dr. Sinan Akciz

Contact Information


(657) 278-4371

McCarthy Hall 341B

Sinan Akçiz

Assistant Professor


I am a structural geologist and a paleoseismologist who conduct field-oriented research to better understand how continents deform over a range of timescales, from decades to tens of millions of years. In my research, I investigate the times and magnitudes of past earthquakes along faults that affect people, how earthquakes change the topography and how is strain distributed across wide shear zones. I am passionate about my teaching, and motivated to train the next generation of field-oriented earth scientists. But more importantly, I am committed to preparing my students to be hardworking, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners regardless of their career aspirations.


Ph.D. Geology, M.I.T.

Research Areas

Paleoseismology, geomorphology, Quaternary geochronology, structural geology and tectonics

Courses Regularly Taught

GEOL 310T – Earthquakes
GEOL 310T – Geology of National Parks
GEOL 360 – Structural Geology
GEOL 380 – Geologic Field Techniques
GEOL 475 – Quaternary Tectonics
GEOL 481A – Geology Field Camp
GEOL 575T – Paleoseismology


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Presentations & Lectures

Reassessing prehistorical records of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain: Integrating geomorphological, paleoseismological and geochronological analyses; Hokudan International Symposium on Active Faulting. Japan, 2015.

Paleoseismic, geomorphic, geochronological, and paleoclimate investigations of the Carrizo section of the San Andreas Fault. Our success, failures and future directions, Harvard, 2014.

Grants & Special Projects

U.S.G.S., Earthquake Hazards Program (2016-2017): Paleoseismic Investigation of the Van Matre Ranch Site, Carrizo Plain, CA.

C.S.U.F. - ENGAGE in STEM mini-grant proposal (2016-2017): Interactive Digital 3D Rock Library