Masters Theses



The physical and petrologic evolution of the Jack Main canyon intrusive suite – a migrating intrusion in the central Sierra Nevada, California
Cullen Scheland with Dr. Memeti


Olivine-Pyroxene Cumulates of the Summit Gabbro, Sierra Nevada Arc: Lessons Regarding Source(s) and Differentiation Pathways of the Arc’s Mafic Endmember
Kalie Duccini with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

The geology and paleontology of a vertebrate bonebed from the middle Eocene of Southern California
Gabriel-Philip F. Santos with Dr. Parham

From sheets to blobs: The initial emplacement and evolution of a large, long-lived intrusion, the Tuolumne intrusive complex, Sierra Nevada, California
Dustin Williams with Dr. Memeti


Salt Marsh Response and Recovery to Coseismic Subsidence
Angela Aranda with Dr. Carlin

Detrital Zircon Uranium-Lead Geochronology of the Schoonover Sequence (Golconda Allochthon) and the Yokuts pendants (western Sierra Nevada Mountains): Insights into the Late Paleozoic Evolution of Western Laurentia
Nancy Chen with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

A Paleoecological Study of the Middle Triassic Within Favret and American Canyon, West-Central Nevada
Edween Hernandez with Dr. Bonuso

Tectonic Geomorphology of the White/Inyo Mountains, California
Aaron Katona with Dr. J.Knott

A 1200 Year History of Hydrologic Variability Using Sediment from Ford Lake, California
Stefanie Mayer with Dr. Kirby

Organic carbon preservation in authigenic carbonates of “still soft” marine sediments
Marissa Smirnoff with Dr. Loyd


Carbon and sulfur isotope analyses of salt dome cap rocks, biological cycling and formation mechanisms.
Kylie Caesar with Dr. Loyd

Twelve Million Years of Bird History - A Specimen-Based Approach To Reconstructing The Late Neogene Bird Communities of California
Peter Kloess with Dr. Parham

Abrupt Subsidence in the Seal Beach Wetlands, Southern California
Robert Leeper with Dr. Rhodes

Searching San Eligo Lagoon, Southern California for Paleotsunami Evidence
Khadija Nadimi with Dr. Kirby


Tracking the Western North American Hydrologic Dipole During the Late Holocene Using Lake Sediments from Abbott Lake, California
Christine Hiner with Dr. Kirby

Deciphering Biotic Responses to Rapid Climate Change at the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary
Bethany Malenick with Dr. Bonuso

A Paleoceanographic and Geochemical Analysis of the Late Ordovician-Early Silurian Ely Springs Dolomite, East-Central California
William Pilesky with Dr. Woods


Complex ichnofabrics in the Lower Member of the Union Wash Formation, California: Failed recovery from the Permain-Triassic mass extinction
Paul Alms with Dr. Woods

Paleoenvironmental Conditions in Early Triassic Oceans Along the Western Margin of Pangea: Trace Elemental Analysis of the Middle Member of the Union Wash Formation, East-Central California
Kelly Kinder with Dr. Woods

Stromatolite Patch Reef from the Lower Triassic Virgin Limestone at Blue Diamond, NV: Paleoenvironmental and Paleoecological Significance
Jennifer Kirton with Dr. Woods

The effects of agricultural activities on the migration of the Hinkley chromium plume, San Bernadino County, California
Randall Morlan with Dr. Laton

A Paleoecological Reconstruction of Oysters from Orange County, California: Understanding the Past to Help Restore the Future
Kelly Vreeland (Kathe) with Dr. Bonuso


Field, petrologic and detrital zircon study of the Kings sequence and Calaveras complex, southern Lake Kaweah roof pendent, Tulare County, California
Christopher Buchen with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Rock Uplift Above the Subduction Megathrust at Hinchinbrook and Montague Islands, Prince William Sound, Alaska
Kelly Ferguson with Dr. Armstrong

Paired oxygen and hafnium Isotopic Analysis of zircon from Gabbros: Identifying potential Mesozoic mantle geterogenity in the Sierra Nevada arc
Michelle Gevedon with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

A Holocene Hydroclimatic Investigation of lake Elsinore, Southern California using Seismic Reflection and Sediment Core Data
Brittany Pyke (Price) with Dr. Kirby

Hydrogeochemical Study in the Irvine Sub-Basin: Using Isotopic And General Mineral Data to Identify Processes of Chemical Modification
Patricia Robards with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott


Evaluation of Kinetic Controls on Microbially Mediated Reaction in an Electron Donor-limited Environment
Erin Driver with Dr. Kirby

Hydraulic Tomographic Modeling of the Yorba Linda Water Well Field, Yorba Linda, California
Michael Hoffman with Dr. Laton

Brachipod Community Patterns Following the Onset of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age across the Mid-Carboniferous Boundary G.S.S.P., Arrow Canyon, Nevada
Pedro Monarrez with Dr. Woods

Petrology and Mineral Inventory of Basaltic Inclusions from the 2006 Eruption of Augustine Volcano, Alaska
Michelle Vitale with Dr. Browne


Focused Exhumation in the Southern Alaska Syntaxis: New Insights from Apatite and Zircon Thermochronology
Jenny Arkle with Dr. Armstrong

Application of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Mass Spectometry to selected Tephra Layers in the Western United States
Jeff Hathaway with Dr. J.Knott

A Detrital Zircon Provenance Analysis of the Goldstein Peak Formation
Michael Martin with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Magma Differentiation as Recorded by Changes in Mineral Stratigraphy within Layered Mafic Cumulates(Western Sierra Nevada Batholiths, California)
Elizabeth Seal with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Petrology and Barometry of the Earthquake Dome Magma
Michael Van Ry with Dr. Browne


Taphonomy of Early Triassic Fish Fossils of the Vega-Phroso Siltstone Member of the Sulphur Mountain Formation Near Wapiti Lake in British Columbia
Karen Anderson with Dr. Woods

An Investigation of the Potential for Surficial Recharge in the Lucerne Valley Groundwater Basin Mojave Desert, California
Shelby Barker-Harold with Dr. Laton

Spatial Variability in Biogeochemical Processes at the Sediment-Water Interface in a Hydrologically Dynamic Reservoir System
Luissa Johnston with Dr. Kneeshaw

Worldwide Search for Anomalies Accelerating Moment Release(A.M.R.) Before Large Earthquakes
Jeffrey Reissman with Dr. Bowman

Early Miocene Cetacean Diversity in the Vaqueros Formation, Laguna Canyon, Orange County, California
Meredith Rivin (Staley) with Dr. Bonuso

Exhumation and Deformation History of the Little San Bernardino Mountains in the Restraining Bend of the San Andreas Fault, Southern California
Luke Sabala with Dr. Armstrong


Hydrostratigraphy of the Alto Deep Well: Implications for Sustainable Groundwater Recharge into the Distal Victorville Fan Sediments; Southwestern Mojave Desert, California
Rene Perez with Dr. Foster

Late Neogene alluvial-fan geochronology and faulting, southern Death Valley, California
A Petrological Investigation of Mafic Inputs Into the Augustine Volcano Magma System over time
Arron Steiner with Dr. J.Knott


A Mineralogic Study of the Consolidated Tungsten Mine Skarn, Tulare County, California
Beverly Berekian with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Water Budget and Hydrogeologic Model of Spring Flow at Limestone Hill, Zzyzx Desert Studies Center
Peggy Brown-Barthel with Dr. Laton

Subsurface geologic investigation of a Closed Alluvial Basin: Lucerne Velley, San Bernardino County, California & Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of a Glacial-age Sediment Core From Baldwin Lake, Southern California: Evidence for Multi-timescale Climate Variability
Michael Blazevic with Dr. Kirby

Cenozoic Burial and Exhumation History of the Eastern Los Angeles Basin, California, from Low-temperature Thermochronology
Christine Irwin with Dr. Armstrong


Analysis of a Steady State Model: Prediction of Trichloroethylene Vapor Concentration Using Known Dissolved Phase Concentration
Kenneth Kolstad with Dr. Laton

Evaluation of the Potential Groundwater Resources of the Golem Well, West Rancho Bernardo, San Diego County, California
Anthony Lizzi with Dr. Laton

Evidence of North Projecting Ancient Boulder Thalweg in Latest Quaternary Deposits of the Santa Ana River, Orange County, California
Eric Patschull with Dr. Laton


Artificial Recharge as Possible Causes of Observed Long-Term Change in Transmissivity of the San Pedro Formation Aquifers, Central Basin of the Greater Los Angeles Basin, California
Sean Hunt with Dr. Laton

Paleoproductivity and Paleoredox in the Union Wash Formation,East-Central California: Evidence and Mechanism for Prolonged Biotic Recovery in the Early Triassic
Brenda Nelson-Ten Bruggencate with Dr. Woods

Late Neogene alluvial-fan geochronology and faulting, southern Death Valley, California
Marsha Sohn with Dr. J.Knott

Gravity Survey of the Lucerne Valley Groundwater Basin: Implications for Basin Structure and Geometry
Tammy Surko with Dr. Armstrong

Geomorphology and geochronology of the San Juan Creek terraces: Implications for Quaternary uplift of the Santa Ana Mountain foothills, Orange County, California
Aron Taylor with Dr. Armstrong

Hydrological Investigation of a Shallow Aquifer System with Emphasis on Precipitation Induced Recharge Lower Borrego Canyon Wash, Irvine, California
Steve Williams with Dr. Laton


A 9,000 Year Record of Long-Term Climate Change and Abrupt Climate Events from Dry Lake, Southern California
Broxton Bird with Dr. Kirby

Investigation of the Late Cenozoic Uplift of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (California) Using Kinematic Modeling and Tectonic Geomorphology
Andrea Figueroa with Dr. J.Knott


Testing the False Alarm Rate of Accelerating Moment Release Before Large Earthquakes
Nancy Ikeda with Dr. Bowman

The Fate of Perchlorate: A Look at Perchlorate Entering Orange County's Groundwater
Patrick Versluis with Dr. Laton


Groundwater Flow Model of a Coastal Aquifer, Malibu, California
Otto Figueroa with Dr. Laton