Student Data Dashboards

In partnership with Information Technology, the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) launched dashboards to serve as a visualization tool for faculty, advisors, chairs, and administrators to understand student success.

Student data available can answer questions, like:

  • Enrollment: headcount, full-time equivalent students, unit load by college and student level, how many students are currently and historically enrolled in a college/major.
  • What is the trend of CSUF new first-time freshmen enrollment over the past five years?  What is the demographic profile of students?
  • Repeatable course grades by college/department. Who is not passing a course? Which courses have higher repeatable rates? (via Tableu only, link below)
  • Retention & Graduation: First-time freshmen retention and graduation by degree program (via OAIE and Tableau Enterprise).
  • Individual Level Data: Student Success Dashboard (via CSUF Portal).

For more information on dashboards, go to the OAIE website (link below).