Equitable Pedagogy Module

The Equitable Pedagogy Module is a course intended to bring our collective attention to equity-minded teaching to improve student success outcomes.

It has been designed by our amazing faculty, specifically for CSUF faculty. In addition to providing foundational knowledge about equity-minded pedagogy, it introduces concrete, evidence-based strategies, a healthy variety of applied examples, and additional resources for continued learning. It has content for everyone, for faculty teaching small courses and large lecture courses, in-person and online, and STEM and non-STEM courses.

The EPM is an authentic example of collaboration from multiple sources. A year in the making, it started with an idea for having common foundational knowledge about equitable teaching. It also started with a team of faculty leading a short pilot course in two colleges, which then resulted in a design for a website to offer resources to faculty. 

Provost  Dabirian tapped into these multiple efforts and offered support to build the module that you see today. Along the way, multiple CSUF faculty contributed content, examples, resources, and citations. At least 15 faculty reviewed the module and provided feedback, and another 20 piloted some earlier version of the module. In the module you will hear various college Associate Deans introduce the module. Dr. Kelly Rupert (Geological Sciences) was the leading instructional designer.

In addition, Dr. Ioakim Boutakidis designed the website below to support equity-minded teaching.