Guardian Scholars Giving

Ideally, all children grow up within a warm, loving and supportive family. However, not all children are so fortunate. Students in the Guardian Scholars Program have faced especially challenging circumstances with most facing a bleak future following emancipation. On the eve of their 18th birthday, many of these young people encounter a world filled with emotional uncertainty, a lack of physical and financial support, and the prospect of potential homelessness.

Fortunately, Cal State Fullerton's Guardian Scholars Program has become a beacon of hope by providing funding and services in the form of housing, financial support and counseling while they pursue a college education.

The Guardian Scholars Program began in 1998 at Cal State Fullerton with three students. Today, the program has expanded to 20 colleges in California, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, and Massachusetts serving hundreds of students.

In Orange County, less than 3 percent of emancipated foster youth earn a college degree. So please know your donation is truly making a difference as our program has nearly a 70 percent graduation retention rate.

The Guardian Scholars Program connects us all together as family. We feel unity with people who have shared similar experiences, and the people that have make a college education possible for a special group of young people. You are family.