Eligibility & Fees

All currently enrolled students are eligible to receive services at TitanMED. Your Student Health fee provides basic medical and counseling services to students, making services at HS either free or at a significantly reduced cost. CSUF students eligible for basic services are also eligible at all CSU campuses. *Prices and availability  are subject to change. 



Charges for services and products received at TitanMED will post to your student account within 48 hours of service. At that time, you can make your payment:

  • online - your Titan Online Student Center


  • in person - at the campus Cashier's Office, GH-180
Office Visits
Service Cost
TitanMED, Counseling and Psychological Services $97.96/semester*
Summer Services $97.96/semester**
Physical Rehabilitation Services $35/semester
No Show (missed appointment/late cancellation - less than 4 hours notice) $20

*This fee has already been included in the tuition for currently enrolled students; this excludes Extended Education and Open University.

**Students are eligible for Summer Services if they were enrolled in the previous semester and are registered or expecting to register for the succeeding semester. Sign up at Student Wellness check-in and pay the Student Health Fee at the campus Cashier's Office GH-180 or online through the student portal. Charges will reflect 48 hours after signing up.



Test Cost
Adacel (Tdap) $54.15
Hepatitis A each shot $73.15
Hepatitis B each shot $51.55
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) $92.10
TB Test $9.95
Flu Shot $0


Test Fees
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $2.50
Chlamydia $38.80
Complete Blood Count $0
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) $5.82
PAP smear $30.25
Pregnancy (urine) $0
Stool studies Varies from $9.45-$24.50
Syphilis $3.05
Throat, urine, gonorrhea cultures --
Urinalysis $0


Physical Exams
Service Cost
Athletic $15
Pre-employment $15
Routine $15
Scuba $15


Service Cost
X-Ray (routine) $0
X-Ray copies $5/disk


specialty care
Service Cost
Optometry (eye exam) $40/visit


No Show/Late Fee - Policy

 A No Show Fee of $20 will be charged to your account at Student Wellness if:

  • You miss or do not cancel your appointment 4 hours prior to its scheduled time.
  • You are 10 min or over 10 min late for your medical appointment.
  • You are 10 min or over 10 min late for your counseling appointment.

Last year approximately 4,500 appointments at TitanMED and over 700 appointments in Counseling and Psychological Services were not used because of No Shows.

Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another student is prevented from receiving care. No Shows penalize other students who often have to wait more than 2 weeks for an appointment at Student Wellness or seek care in the community, costing them much more than it would on campus.  With this fee, we want to encourage students to be responsible and understand the impact they have on other students.

Student Wellness No-show Fee is a Category IV Fees


Fees, other than Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services, or for the use of facilities provided by the university; and fees or deposits to reimburse the university for additional costs resulting from dishonored payments, late submissions, or misuse of property or as a security guaranty.

  • Miscellaneous Late Fees
  • Miscellaneous Registration Fees
  • Rental and Damage Fees


There are often legitimate reasons for missing an appointment so an Appeals Process has been created.

Student Appeals Process

  1. You may appeal the No Show/Late fee by submitting an online appeal form within 15 days of posting to your student account.
  2. Submit an Appeal online https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?CSUFullerton&layout_id=37
  3. Your Appeal will be reviewed by staff at Student Wellness
  4. Decision and responses will be sent to your university email via secure link to Maxient within 30 days of your submission.