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 California State University, Fullerton

Extracurricular Involvement


Clinical experience is an essential part of investigating your future career choice. It will give you a realistic view of what the profession offers, and ultimately demonstrates to professional schools that you have taken the time to explore this career.


Volunteering is another avenue of exposure to the health field, gaining hands on experience, and helping the community. It is imperative that you explore the various types of volunteer work and start contacting the different programs to learn more about them. This will help you determine what health profession you would like to pursue, and if it is right for you.


The Center for Internships & Community Engagement connects students with a broad range of opportunities to complete service-learning and internship hours, in addition to coordinating a variety of community service programs. Visit, H-113  or call 657-278-7130 for more information.


Are you interested in shadowing a practicing professional to enhance your awareness of your desired profession? The Health Professions Advising office has a list of alumni and professionals who are willing to allow our students to shadow them.