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 California State University, Fullerton

Health Professions Committee

The Health Professions Committee (HPC) is comprised of various faculty and staff at California State University, Fullerton who are skilled in an array of different backgrounds ranging from the science, math, and English professors to Deans of colleges. The role of the HPC is to compose letters of recommendation for students who are applying for professional school. The Committee letter is designed to enhance the applicant’s chances of gaining admission into the applicant’s desired health professional school program. This is usually supplemented with individual letters of recommendation, and further sent to schools as a letter packet.



Veronica Jimenez Ortiz

Veronica Jimenez Ortiz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science
Education: Ph.D., University of Chile, Santiago, Chile; M.Sc. Juan Agustin Maza University, Mendoza, Argentina; B.Pharm. Juan Agustin Maza University, Mendoza, Argentina
Research Interests: Role of ion channels in sensing and adaptation to environmental conditions in protozoan parasites. Neglected Tropical Diseases. Host-parasite interactions.

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Kristy L. Forsgren, Ph.D.

Kristy L. Forsgren, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science 

Research Interests: Regulation of gonadal growth and development in fishes prior to the onset of puberty; impacts of endocrine disrupting compounds (anthropogenic compounds that mimic native steroid hormones) on reproductive physiology of fishes.

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Dr. Miyamoto

Alison Miyamoto, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Internship Coordinator; Department of Biological Science
Education:B. Sc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Standford University
Research Interests: Extracellular matrix, molecular characterization of the microfibril associated protein MAGP2, MAGP2 function in cancer and immunity.

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Carol Creighton 

Associate Dean University Extended Education

Education:  B.A., M.A California State University, Long Beach





Math Cuajungco

Math P. Cuajungco, Ph.D.

Biological Science
Education:B.Sc., M.Sc. University of Auckland, New Zealand;
Ph.D. University of Auckland, New Zealand
Research Interests: The role of TRP ion channels in human diseases (Alzheimer's disease, Mucolipidosis type IV, and cancer); Zinc neurobiology; Metal transporters; Stem cells; Drug discovery.
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espinoza Lilia Espinoza, MPH, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Science
Education: BA 1994 UC Irvine; MPH 2000 UCLA; PhD 2009 USC
Research interests: HIV and health disparities, especially among Latinos, youth and incarcerated individuals.

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Dr. Peter de Lijser

Peter de Lijser, Ph.D.

Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Education: B.Sc. Van Leeuwenhoek Institute;
M.Sc. Leiden University; Ph.D. Dalhousie University; Postdoctoral: University of Rochester
Research Interests: Environmental organic photochemistry: currently studying the structure and reactivity of naturally occurring compounds (drugs, pesticides, dyes) containing a carbon-nitrogen double bond (oximes, oxime ethers, hydrazones, azines) upon photochemical excitation and one-electron oxidation. Specific interests include the generation of reactive species (radicals, radical ions) via surface-catalyzed photochemical reactions (pesticides; environmental) and enzyme-catalyzed oxidations (drugs; toxicology) of model compounds.
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Dr. Mark Filowitz

Mark Filowitz, Ph.D.

Physical Chemist 
Education: B.A., Chemistry 1973, New York University;
M.A., Chemistry 1974, Columbia University;
M.Phil., Chem., 1976, Columbia University;
Ph.D., Chemistry 1977, Columbia University
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Dr. GoodeChristina A. Goode, Ph.D.

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Education:B.S. 1980 University of London;
Ph.D. 1984 University of Guelph
Research Interests: Membrane receptor proteins. Specifically looking at the interaction between egg and sperm in fertilization and the mechanisms that exist in nature to block this interaction and prevent the catastrophic event of polyspermy.
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Dr. Jacobsen

Susan Jacobsen, Ph.D.

University Honors Program
Education: B.S. in English from Buena Vista College, M.A. in English from Syracuse University, Ph.D. in English from The University of Iowa.
Research Interests: Honors Education, 18th-Century British Literature & Economic History, Golf History & Literature.
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Dr. Nichols

Dr. Kevin Nichols, Ph.D.

Education: B.S. in applied mathematics from UC Berkeley, M.S. in statistics from UCLA, Ph.D. in statistics from UCLA
Research Interests: Spatio/Temporal Statistics, specifically with application to earthquake and wildfire patterns.
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Dr. Rogers

Harold R. (Hal) Rogers, Ph.D.

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Education: B.S. (Honors), California State University, Los Angeles, 1974; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978
Research Interests: Organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry; synthesis and mechanisms of organometallic reactions involving main- group metals; polymer-bound organometallics as biocidal materials; synthesis and characterization of novel plastics that inhibit formation of bacterial biofilms; hazardous materials chemistry – design, preparation and evaluation of environmentally friendly flame retardants.
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Brandy Schaal 

Program Manager
University Extended Education

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Dr. Sora Park Tanjasiri

Sora Park Tanjasiri, Ph.D.

Kinesiology and Health Science 
Education: B.A. 1986 UC Berkeley; MPH 1989 UCLA; PhD 1996 UCLA
Research Interests: Dr. Tanjasiri’s research foci are in health disparities, chronic disease prevention and control, and participatory research models that facilitate long-term health of communities.
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Sean Walker

Sean Walker, Ph.D.

Biological Science
Education: B.S. University of Texas at Tyler; M.S., Ph.D. Miami University (Ohio)
Research Interests: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology, sexual selection, animal communication, ecological morphology, chemical ecology, impacts of stress and aging on insect immunity and behavior, mathematical and simulation modeling, and statistics.
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Dr. Walker is currently on leave from the committee.