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 California State University, Fullerton

Mary-Ann Khamis

Mary-Ann Khamis

About me:

When I first came to CSUF I had no intention of becoming a health professional, more specifically a dentist. Becoming a dentist was the last thing on my mind. I was always afraid of the dentist. As a child I would dread going and make the biggest fit possible to not go. However as I grew older, I realized it is the ability to transform patients physically by improving their oral structure and emotionally by increasing their confidence that attracts me to the world of dentistry. After my own orthodontic treatment, I was intrigued and mesmerized. When I first smiled after my braces had been removed, I was stunned by the significant and immediate enhancement of my self-esteem. It was then that I knew I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. Dentists most certainly make a difference in the lives of their patients through their artistic and creative ability, which is exactly the satisfaction that I want as a health professional. It amazes me that dentists can use metal and other synthetic elements to restore and remodel mouths, whether by simply fixing a decaying tooth or straightening a smile. I want to actively use my hands in the implementation of treatment used to resolve a diagnosis. Dentistry by its very nature demands this type of health care in which I can use both my mind and my hands to help others in a unique and creative way. Most importantly, I want to provide happy and healthy smiles to society throughout the rest of my life.

The road to applying to dental school is rough and was not the easiest for me. I had a really good GPA but not as great as a test score as I was hoping for. I did what I could and just tried my luck and applied. Initially, I was weight listed at USC in April and didn't hear until middle of May. I was upset for a very long time, but I kept pushing myself to work harder, but I knew that I was capable of doing it! I knew that hard work would eventually pay off, and luckily it i did :)


1. Apply Early!
2. Take the DAT seriously, it makes a huge difference in the application pool!
3. Try your best to keep your GPA high. Having a high GPA not only shows hard work and dedication, but consistency. 
4. Extracurricular work is important, especially volunteer work in a dental office. 
5. Relax and enjoy every step of the way, because no matter what it will all work out in the end :)