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 California State University, Fullerton

Featured Students

This section will spotlight a student who has come through the Health Professions Advising office at CSUF on their journey to professional school, and wishes to share his or her experiences and advice with current and future students. 

Michael Jenkins - Future Physician Assistant

Michael Jenkin's Photo

I will be attending PA school at Daemen College in Amherst, NY in the fall. In addition to having an outstanding PA Program, Daemen is a veteran friendly school that participates in the yellow ribbon program. Thus, my tuition cost are going to be covered by both the Veterans Affairs (VA) and the college.  

My experience at CSUF has been awesome! I love our school here in sunny Orange County, CA. You can not beat the location, weather and things to do at and around CSUF. There are an immense array of extracurricular activities and organizations to get involved with on campus, as well as off. I've had the privilege of being involved with the Veteran Presidential Scholar Program as well as the Bridges to Stem Cell Research (BSCR) Program. I have made many close friendships with both students and staff that I hope to maintain throughout my life. Also, both of these programs have helped me grow and mature intellectually. Furthermore, they taught me how to improve my critical thinking, leadership and mentoring skills as well as my ability to work with diverse groups of people. I loved my time at CSUF and am sad to say bye, but am still very excited to begin my transition into PA school. 

Plans for the future involve purchasing my first home in the Amherst, NY area, getting my three children involved in local sports and spending time outdoors with my family before the fall.  

The best advice I can give students pursuing a health profession is to first research the profession of interest, then Michael Jenkins Photoshadow it and finally obtain hands on experience. If you do these three things, you should know whether you truly want to pursue a health professions career. Additionally, maintain a competitive GPA (generally >3.5) , volunteer and be active in your local community, join the AAPA and be prepared for your interview by practicing again and again! A big portion of any health professions interview will involve interviewers asking you questions about the specific profession you are applying for as well as any current crises that the profession is or will be facing in the near future; so make sure you have knowledge of these things. Also, ask yourself why you have chosen the health profession and not others that may not be related to health care because you will be asked during your interview. So again, do your research and be actively involved in whatever health care profession you have chosen so that you truly know it is the right choice for you.