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 California State University, Fullerton

Nima Moradin

Nima Moradin

About me:

I am in the Class of 2012 at Western U in Pomona. I applied to about 45 MD schools and 10 DO schools. I was invited for interviews at 2 MD schools (UCI and West Virginia - waitlisted at both) and most of the DO schools. My GPA was about a 3.5 and I got a 29 on my MCAT (12Bio, 10Phys, 7 Verb).


I went to High School in Oregon, junior College in Irvine AA in General Studies, BS from CSUF in Biology (no emphasis) and minor in Chemistry, MS in Food Science and Nutrition at Chapman. I also spent a summer abroad in Italy with John Cabot University.


250+ hours as Nurse's Assistant at CHOC in Heme/Onc. 35 day international volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic through (highly recommend). I shadowed a local ophthalmologist for several months.


A few years in Dr. Sean Walker's Lab at CSUF. I was involved in a few small projects with poster presentations. I did publish in his lab as a primary author in January of 2008. Start research early because the whole process is very lengthy - it took nearly a year for my publication to finally hit printing after submitting a manuscript.


I worked various retail jobs for many years. I tutored sciences for a while and had a Chemistry Lab Tech position for about a year.

Extra Curricular

I was way too involved, I put this last on purpose. I will be the first to tell you that being involved is a good thing, but there is a line that must be drawn. Just to hit a few of the big things I was involved with; I founded and/or led various clubs. I started the Lacrosse team at CSUF, I was in just about every science related club, I sat on ASI for 2 years w/ a host of committees and the list goes on. Pick a few that you love and go big with them. The rest is just unnecessary fluff.

Please feel free to contact me. My girlfriend goes to Temple (MD school in Philly) as a 2012 grad too, so I have a unique aspect to compare both of our curriculum at the same time.