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 California State University, Fullerton

Required Courses

This information is current as of 10/10/2013 but is subject to change at any time.  It is CRITICAL that you establish a study plan with your major and health professions advisors.

Required courses in the minor (must be completed with grade of B or better).  

All students in the minor must take the following 28-29 units with the following stipulations:

(a) at least 12 units must be unique to the minor and (b) students cannot use coursework in the minor to meet GE requirements except under circumstances specified in the university catalog.  




Social Sciences (6 units)

PSYC 101, Introductory Psychology (3)

SOCI 101, Introduction to Sociology (3)


Basic Sciences (10 units)

BIOL 172, Cellular Basis of Life (5)

BIOL 273, Principles of Genetics and Molecular Biology (5)

 CHEM 301A (3)

Population Health & Cross-Cultural Studies (6 Units)

HESC 401, Epidemiology (3) and one of the following:

HESC 411, Promoting Health in Multicultural Populations (3) 


Electives (3-4 units)


The elective course must be taken from outside the student’s college.

BIOL 302, General Microbiology (4)

BIOL 361, Human Anatomy (4)

BIOL 362, Mammalian Physiology (4)

CHEM 301A, Organic Chemistry (3)

CHEM 421, Biological Chemistry (3)

CHEM 445, Nutritional Biochemistry

HESC 410, Community Health Education(3)

HESC 420, Chronic Disease Epidemiology (3)

HESC 300 Holistic and Alternative Medicine (3)

HESC 421Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3)


KNES 451, Sports Medicine (3)

PHIL 314, Medical Ethics (3)

PSYC 306, Biopsychology (3)

PSYC 341, Abnormal Psychology (3)

PSYC 362, Psychology of Aging (3)

SOCI 360, Sociology of Death and Dying (3)

SOCI 433, Aging and Social Services (3)

SOCI 443, Sociology of Aging (3)

BIOL 306, Biology of Aging (3)

SOCI 455, Sociology of Health and Illness (3)


Internship or Research

(At least 3 units at the upper-division level)



NOTE: Chem. 120A,B, BIOL 172 and at least MATH 115 or 125 are REQUIRED to be completed prior to declaring the minor.


Independent Study (KNES 499, BIOL 499L, CHEM 495 or MATH 490)

Internship (for example: PSYC 495, HESC 495, BIOL 495, or CHEM 490)