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 California State University, Fullerton

Pre-health Professions Minor

Interested in a Minor in Health Professions? 

A new minor in pre-health professions has been approved to be offered beginning Fall 2013. This minor has been created to prepare Cal State Fullerton students, from any major, who want to pursue advanced study in a health professional program. Beginning this fall, students can declare the minor, which will give them a structured pathway to meet health professions prerequisites and recognizes this secondary field of study and specialization. Over one-quarter of CSUF students admitted each year to professional schools, such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinarian schools, are not traditional science majors. Coupled with advising and additional resources, this program will enhance the competitiveness of all of our students for professional school, regardless of their major. 

Students who would like to stay up to date should add themselves to the ListServ here.

For further information please schedule an appointment.