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 California State University, Fullerton

Schools of Public Health Application Service: SOPHAS



  • SOPHAS Website:
  • SOPHAS works with 42 out of 50 CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accredited schools of public health and public health programs.
  • Application cycle runs from September 18, 2012- August 5, 2013
  • Applicants wishing to apply for the 2014 cycle may NOT create an account or send documents to SOPHAS between August 5th and September 3rd. Documents received by SOPHAS during this time will NOT be accepted
  • We cannot stress this enough, apply as EARLY as possible!
  • SOPHAS has a verification process that can take up to 4 weeks
    • o   Once two recommendations and all transcripts from US colleges and universities you have attended have been received, your application will be put in a queue for verification
    • Don’t wait for test scores, letter of evaluation and transcripts in order to submit your application
      • o   Submit your application as soon as you have entered all required information. Documents, recommendations and test scores will be added to your application after they are received. The institutions can see your application as soon as you e-submit it and may wish to begin processing your application right away.


The fee structure for SOPHAS is:

fee structure 

Each additional designation above five is an additional $45.00

 There is a fee waiver program and waivers issued on a first come, first served basis. The fee waiver request will need to be made prior to e-submitting your application.

SOPHAS grants fee waivers based on financial need for Peace Corps Volunteers, McNair Scholars, Gates Millennium Scholars Program, AmeriCorps, U.S. and International. Please visit the SOPHAS website for further information on fee waivers.


  • Each institution has unique deadlines. For SOPHAS programs, the deadline is the date by which you should submit your application and all required documents should be received.
    • Your application is considered complete when it is submitted, paid, and SOPHAS has received all US transcripts and at least two letters of evaluation
    • Please also factor in verification time (it can take up to 4 weeks). This means that all materials should arrive at SOPHAS at least 4 weeks prior to your earliest deadline
  • Please see the link below for specific deadlines concerning each individual program.
    • Link:

What you need to Submit:

  • Transcripts:
  •  Required original transcripts from every US institutions including study abroad coursework and AP credit
  •  Needs to come from Registrar’s office. If the transcript notates “Student Copy” SOPHAS will not accept the transcript
  •  Need to print Transcript Request Form(s) to send to Registrar’s office for immediate delivery to SOPHAS. The form will generate as you enter intuitional information in your SOPHAS application.
  •  Many institutions require another set of official transcripts after you are accepted. Check with institution directly to see if they accept hand-delivered sealed transcripts or need them to come directly from the registrar’s office.
  • For regular mail, please send your transcript to:
    P.O. Box 9111
    Watertown, MA 02471-9111
  • For Overnight Delivery ONLY:
    c/o Liaison International
    311 Arsenal Street
    Watertown, MA 02472
    Phone: 617-612-2090
  • Personal Statements
    •  Students will need to compose a statement of purpose and objectives which is a require portion of your application
    •  You should personalized your essay for each institution and tailor it to each institution’s needs
    •  Personal statements have a character limit of 1500 characters, including spaces, line breaks, etc.
  • Test Scores
    • Request scores be sent to individual institutions base on the test confirmation
    • Each program accepts/requires different exams so check with each institution directly as to their individual requirements
  • Letters of Evaluation
    • Requires 2 letters for verification
    • SOPHAS requires a minimum of 3 letters but may enter up to 5
    • Schools of public health give weight to the following types of recommenders in order of highest to lowest priority
      •  Academic references- previous or current academic instructors or preceptors
        •  They are the preferred type
      • Professional reference- previous or current employers
      • Personal reference- friends, family colleagues, etc.
        • These types of references are not encouraged and should be used in extenuating circumstances only
        • Please note that faith-based schools may accept references from clergy
      • On your application
        • You can delete a recommender on your app as long as they haven’t submitted it
      • Committee letters cannot be accepted.
      • If you wish to send a specific letter to only one of your designated schools but not others, you much contact the admissions office of that institution to make such arrangements. SOPHAS would not be able to help in this situation.
      • SOPHAS does not accept mailed, faxed or e-mailed letters. Letters need to be uploaded electronically
      • On your application
        • You can delete a recommender on your app as long as they haven’t submitted it
        • SOPHAS cannot accept any letters that have been kept on file from a previous application cycle.
        • Please note that due to SOPHAS guidelines the Health Professions Advising office cannot submit letters of evaluation for SOPHAS applicants. Each of your letter writers will have to upload their individual letter to SOPHAS directly.
        • Link to commonly asked FAQs:

After You Submit

  • After you submit your application no changes can be made. You can only add additional institutions to your application
  • You can check your application status often by logging into your application and checking its status in the “My Status” section.


Participating Institutions

 Please follow the link below for a listing of the participating institutions.

 Only 4 programs in California

1.     Loma Linda University of Public Health

2.     San Diego State University Graduate  School of Public Health

3.     UCLA Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health

4.     University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health

Non Participating Institutions

 1.     CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College

2.     Florida International University Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work

3.     John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

4.     National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica)

5.     SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health

6.     University of Alberta School of Public Health

7.     University of Maryland School of Public Health (JOINING FALL 2013)

8.     University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences (JOINING FALL 2013)

9.     University of Pennsylvania Graduate Program in Public Health Studies (JOINING FALL 2013)

10.University of Washington School of Public Health

11.West Virginia University School of Public Health (CEPH-applicant) (JOINING FALL 2013)- not accredited as of yet

Contact Information/Website

The SOPHAS website has many resources posted for its users. Please take a moment to explore the site to become familiar to the application process.  Below is link to the site:

Additionally, students can call 617.612.2090 and speak to a SOPHAS representative about specific questions pertaining to their application. Emails can also be sent to We strongly encourage you to always remain polite and professional when speaking to any member of SOPHAS (and HPAO) staff.

Mailing Addresses:


PO Box 9111

Watertown, MA 02471

Telephone: 617-612-2090

Fax: 617-612-2092


c/o Liaison International

311 Arsenal Street

Watertown, MA 02472

(for overnight documents only)