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 California State University, Fullerton

Veterinary: VMCAS

**Disclaimer: CSU Fullerton does not have a Veterinary Program. This page serves as a resource for students.**

Before you Begin

  • VMCAS website:
  • The application opens early June 2013 and closes Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 1 PM Eastern Time
    • VMCAS strongly recommends submitting your application as early as September 1, 2013 to allow time for your application to clear transcript verification. Please note that verification can take up to 4 weeks!
  • July 15, 2013 is the last day the HPAO will upload a committee packet. In order to meet this deadline you are required to submit:
    • A copy of your VMCAS application
    • Any additional letters of evaluation not previously received
  • We cannot stress this enough, apply as EARLY as possible!
  • You are required to obtain a username and password before beginning the application.
    • It may be to your benefit to make a username early on and familiarize yourself with the application and the website


  • Scores should be sent directly to your designated college(s) prior to the deadline. Check with each program to verify their particular deadline

 Transcripts and Coursework

  • Students are required to submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. They are to come directly from the registrar’s office
    • We suggest that you request two copies of your transcripts, one to be mailed to VMCAS and one to be mailed to you. Your copy can then be utilized to complete the coursework portion of the VMCAS application. Ensuring the accuracy of this portion of your application will help expedite the verification process.
  • Transcripts should be mailed to:
    • VMCAS-Transcripts

P.O. Box 9126

Watertown, MA 02471

  • Send transcripts to VMCAS by September 1st, 2013 in order to allow time for verification.
  • Fall transcripts are due to VMCAS by February 1, 2014
  • Under your coursework section of your application, do not list transfer courses! Be sure to list these courses where you physically took them. If you enrolled in a university for four years and completed a summer course at a community college between semesters, list the summer community college course after you list all courses from your primary university. In other words, report all non-transfer courses from your primary university's transcript in full before you enter courses taken at another school.
  • If you did not receive credit for a course (if you withdrew, received an incomplete, or failed) and the course appears on your transcript, you still must report the course in Academic Course Work section
  • If you took classes as part of an education abroad program, you should not list the international institution on your institution list. In this case, your education abroad courses will appear on your U.S. (or Canadian) institutional transcript as regular credit.


 Letters of Evaluation

  • Be sure to check your designated colleges’ evaluation requirements. Some schools do not accept committee or composite evaluation
  • Attached is an evaluation requirement chart that lists the requirements for each school
  • There is a minimum of 3 letters of evaluation that need to be submitted
  • There is a maximum of 6 letters of evaluation that can be submitted
  • VMCAS no longer accepts individual letters of evaluation in paper form. They MUST be electronic submitted through the VMCAS Evaluation Portal. The only exceptions are multi-page committee letters and composite letters (however some schools will not accept committee/composite letters) so be sure to check with the school(s) you are applying to.
  • All letters of evaluation must be accompanied by a evaluation form including the committee letter
    • If you are requesting a committee packet, there must be equal numbers of evaluation forms for the number of letters being submitted
    • To register a composite letter in the eLOR system, you should register one “other” for each evaluation that the composite letter is supposed to represent.
    • More information on how to submit a committee packet can be found here:
  • If students only want to submit a committee letter it can be submitted electronically. If students are interested in this route please contact Jessica Ruiz, the ItoA specialist, and inform her of such.
  • Be sure to register a minimum of three evaluators in the eLOR section as soon as you begin your application to allow the maximum time for evaluators to complete your letters of recommendation(s).
  • Be sure to verify that your evaluators have received the e-mail request and have submitted your evaluation(s) by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, October 2, 2013. (VMCAS requires one (1) evaluation to be submitted prior to releasing your application for transcript verification, but veterinary schools require a minimum of three (3) total evaluations be submitted.

 Essay/Personal Statement

  • Every applicant is required to submit a Personal Statement essay. The available space for this essay is 5300 characters (spaces are counted as characters)
  • Dr. Goode is available to review personal statements if you desire her input on it. If you would like to do this please schedule a personal statement review appointment with her online.
  • The Writing Center in the Pollack Library is also another wonderful resource to aid students in composing and editing their personal statements. The Career Center can provide you with an additional review of your personal statement by their professionally trained counselors. Only current CSUF students are able to utilize the assistance of the Writing Center. Current students and recent alumni (less than one year since graduation) can utilize the experienced counselors of the Career Center.
  • There is also an explanation statement that will be required to be completed. The explanation statement is meant to record information that could not be listed within the web application, such as double majors, missing parental information, disciplinary action(s) which require detailed explanation. This section can also be used to provide the admissions committee(s) additional information that you consider vital to your application.


 Submitting Application

 In order for your application to qualify for verification, the following items are required to be received by VMCAS before they will begin verifying your application

  1. Completed VMCAS web-application
  2. At least one (1) submitted letter of reference (e-LOR)
  3. VMCAS application payment in full
  4. All your official transcripts must be received by VMCAS

Given the materials that need to be submitted this means that students should plan on submitting their application, and have all of their evaluations and transcripts into VMCAS by September 1, 2013 in order to allow time for your application to move through verification

PROOFREAD EVERYTHING!! You have the ability to "print application" and proofread a hard copy.

Once your application is submitted, students can only add designations and evaluations. You will only be able to make these changes up until the deadline. All other information is final once clicking the submit button

  • If you need to change your contact information after the deadline, send this information directly to your designated colleges. VMCAS cannot delete colleges after an application is submitted.


The VMCAS website has many resources posted for its users. Please take a moment to explore the site to become familiar to the application process. Below is link to the site:

Additionally, students can call 617.612.2884 and speak to an VMCAS representative about specific questions pertaining to their applications. Student can also email in order to obtain information pertaining to the application We strongly encourage you to always remain polite and professional when speaking to any member of AMCAS (and HPAO) staff.