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 California State University, Fullerton

University of Minnesota Workshops

California State University, Fullerton and the University of Minnesota’s Health Careers Center have teamed up to offer you a series of interactive, online workshops aimed at helping you with applying to health professional programs. The workshops include:

 We ask that you complete the “Planning for Medical School” for individuals seeking advising for the very first time (even if you are planning for a different health profession). We ask that those seeking assistance with Personal Statement reviews complete the “Personal Statements for a Health Profession” workshop.

Each of these workshops can be done on your own time, at your own pace. Access them 24/7/365. They are interactive and will ask you to do some work along the way, such as creating a medical school action plan or writing a draft of your personal statement.

  Registration Note: The first time you register, click on ‘create a new guest account’ to get a U of M UserID and password. The next time you sign up for a Health Careers Center online workshop, use this new UserID and password to register.

Browser Use: You will need to use Firefox or Internet Explorer to complete your registration. At this time, Google Chrome and Safari will not allow you to complete your registration.

 For those seeking Personal Statement appointments, we suggest that you complete the “Personal Statements for a Health Profession” workshop before coming in to meet with our adviser, Dr. Goode.

  Note: Our adviser does not suggest grammatical error corrections in personal statements. The writing department in the library can be of assistance in helping to find your grammatical errors. Counselors in the Career Center will also review your personal statements. You can then schedule an appointment to meet with our adviser to have your final or nearly final draft personal statement reviewed.

 Schedule your appointment with a CSUF Health Professions advisor here.