University Honors Program


The University Honors Program at California State University, Fullerton is an academic unit under the Office of Academic Programs Opens in new window . The Program is a 24-unit academic program with honors seminars that meet university general education requirements. It encompasses 18 classes, most of which are offered on a yearly basis, and currently involve about 875 students. The Program currently has 17 instructors participating.

The Program is dedicated to inclusive excellence and extending the frontiers of knowledge beyond the boundaries of the institution. The Program hosts a community of scholars from across the university who share a love of learning. The Program's vision is to be a nationally recognized model of inclusive excellence though a sustained commitment to access, student success, academic rigor, and high-quality learning.

The Program goals are to: foster intellectual curiosity and promote a commitment to inclusion among highly motivated, socially aware, and academically experienced students; provide intense curricular and co-curricular experiences that engage society's contemporary challenges in an increasingly changing global knowledge economy; scale the breadth of the program commensurate to the size of the institution; and deepen the impact of the program among students through rigorous ongoing assessment of learning.

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  • Thurs. June 20, 2019
      Incoming Freshman Honors Orientation