Honors Requirements: Seniors

Students in the University Honors Program should consult regularly with the director.

Honors 400 Series Courses

  • January Graduates
    • Fall: Register for Honors 400B and three units of Honors 497
    • You should have taken Honors 400A and two units of Honors 497 in the previous semester
  • May Graduates
    • Fall: Those with signed proposals will register for Honors 400A (1 unit) and Honors 497 (2 units).
      Honors 497 will be under your mentor’s name. Honors 400A will be under Dr. Pérez’s or Dr. McConnell’s name.
    • Those who took Honors 300B and received an incomplete or an RP may not register for Honors 400A and 497 until a signed proposal is presented.
    • Spring: Register for Honors 400B with Dr. Pérez and three units of Honors 497 with your mentor


  • You should have completed a total of 15 units of Honors/GE courses by graduation in various categories according to your catalog year and specific needs.
  • You should have completed both Honors 300A and 300B or equivalent prior to your senior year.
  • A total of 24 units of Honors are required.
  • A minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA is required.
  • Completing a senior honors project is required.
  • Contact Pérez if you have questions or concerns about meeting University Honors Program requirements.