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February 16, 2017 by Megan Ayala, Office Assistant and Mailroom Queen

Hello Titans! My name is Megan and I am an Office Assistant here in Housing and Residence Life. You may have seen me on the @CSUFHousing Twitter or just around the community while I’m working. Recently, we changed how we sort through the packages that we receive here for you all and we wanted to tell you a little more about it.

Megan Ayala, Queen of the Mailroom Megan Ayala, Queen of the Mailroom

In the past, our residents would receive a package slip in their mailbox, after our staff had sorted through and handwritten all the information necessary into our good paper old package logs, and then they would be able to pick up their packages from our mailroom later in the evening. Often the turnaround for your packages was anywhere from 1-3 days after it had been delivered to our mailroom due to this process! I can tell you all from personal experience that when we receive anywhere from 100-300 packages in a day, it could get pretty tiring with this process so my fellow Office Assistants and I were more than happy to welcome our new system!

With the new logging system, we are able to get your packages to you at a much faster rate, almost instantaneously at times! Now when we get over 1,000 packages in the first week of a semester (thanks to all of you buying so many textbooks) we don’t feel as overwhelmed because of the new process. The new way we do it includes scanning the package and assigning it to you, which automatically sends you an email to let you know, then you’re able to pick up the package after our mailroom has opened. This change has really helped our staff when sorting all of the mail that we get and it’s much more organized and efficient overall! We hope you’re enjoying getting the emails and want you to know that the new system will only improve with time and are glad that we are able to get you all of your packages much faster! No more waiting for package slips! Just think of all those trees we’re saving!

From all of us here in Housing and Residence Life, we hope you like our new package tracking system as much as we do. If you've been having any problems, please make sure you let one of our staff members know.

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